It’s gonna be quite the Hot Wheels DLM party at SuperToyCon in Vegas tomorrow night, and you are invited on Facebook Live…

Heading to Vegas…

SuperToyCon is this weekend, and since I am currently working close by I decided to go have a looksy tomorrow.  I am sure the convention itself will provide some interesting tidbits, but ultimately I am more excited to catch up with some friends.  You know, break bread ‘n shit.

So convene we will.  Food, drink, ridiculous conversation, and of course a lot of geeking out.  We are also using this time to catch up on some I.O.U’s.  I am sure you have that with your friends.  You pick up this, he buys that, you trade that, and finally one day you can exchange all the stuff.  That will happen, and afterwards I will be carefully transporting a vintage Matchbox store display back home with me.

But that won’t be all.  My friend Jay @jestersgarage has happily adopted the DLM life, and has been in the process of liberating all of his diecast from its evil packaging.  Another good friend, Jason @hw_jay, hasn’t made the leap yet, but has been taking some DLM baby steps.

And it just so happens that all three of us have a few, shall we say, big-ticket items that need to breathe some fresh air.  So we decided to bring said items with us and have a DLM party.

I have no idea how many things will be opened, but the main event will involve three heavy hitters.  Jay will be opening the Zamac Speed Machines Ferrari 599XX, Jason the Speed Machines Bugatti Veyron, and I will free the RLC BRE Datsun 510.  That’s a hefty amount of potential eBay cash getting ripped open.

We will be doing this tomorrow night at the convention table of @kool51designs.  Albert has shoulder for the non-DLMers to cry on, and hopefully a garbage can for the paper scraps.  Anyone around is welcome to attend.

A photo posted by Albert Avila”kool51″ (@kool51designs) on Aug 4, 2016 at 1:57pm PDT


And for those of you who aren’t near Vegas tomorrow, we are going to do this on the Lamley Facebook Live feed for all your enjoyment.  I will put the word out tomorrow on Facebook as to the time of the event, and you are welcome to join in.

If you are one of those “can’t look away types”, be sure to tune in.  You others, just be prepared…

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