Yeah, we opened all of them…

So that was fun.

As I warned everyone, in a small corner at SuperToyCon in Las Vegas last night, some carnage was about to occur.  And it did.

At the booth of @kool51designs, I was joined by @jestersgarage, @hw_jay, @bkkake, and @alamazon_hw to open a few Hot Wheels cars.  Not a big deal – just the five cars pictured below and an RLC ’66 Nova Gasser autographed by Larry Wood.

So yeah, if you are keeping tabs, that is almost $1000 worth of Hot Wheels, if you go by eBay prices.  We spared no card, we didn’t use an X-Acto Knife to salvage the blister.  There was just a lot of crackles and rips.

And we did it all on Facebook Live for all to see.

For some of us career DLMers, this was old hat.  For others, it was a new experience, filled with fear and exhilaration.  Hopefully our actions will convert a few more to the movement.

Open ’em!!

A photo posted by Lamley Group (@thelamleygroup) on Aug 5, 2016 at 11:14pm PDT


A photo posted by Jay Kho (@jestersgarage) on Aug 5, 2016 at 11:16pm PDT


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  1. I wish mainline HW and MBX could use that rear window on their packaging. I know it's probably not cost effective, but it would be nice to see the other side of cars, especially if they have special tampos on the other side.

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