Greenlight & Tarmac Works announce the Yokohama Advan Nissan GT-R in 1:64…

The diecast world has been abuzz the last few days with the release of the superb Greenlight Nissan GT-R’s in both a Gulf and Japanese Police liveries.  Exclusive to M&J Toys, these models are stellar, and I sure hoping to get my hands on a pair (SuperToyCon, I am coming for you…).


Sure, there has been a TON of Nissan GT-R replicas released lately, but it seems we just are not getting sick of them.  Outside of the Greenlight releases, there have been models from Tomica Limited Vintage, Majorette, Oversteer, and the return of the Hot Wheels example.  As long as they look cool, folks will keep buying them.

Well Greenlight is not done with their GT-R exclusives.  Just today, a new player in the diecast world, Tarmac Works, released this big announcement:

Tarmac Works joins forces with Greenlight to produce the 1/64 scale Nissan GT-R R35 in official Yokohama Advan livery! It will come with a special collector’s box that sports an official ADVAN design too, a first for Greenlight!

You racing geeks, be ready.

Tarmac Works holds this license, and together with Greenlight will produce a replica of this beauty:

And with a box too!  I cannot wait to see how that turns out.

This will be a limited release, but I will be sure to make sure everyone knows where and how to get it when it is released mid-fall this year.  In fact, stay tuned to Lamley for a preview of the first Tarmac Works model, coming next week.  Those of you who have been on their Facebook Page probably know what that is.

These Greenlight GT-R’s are becoming a collection in and of themselves.  Save some space for this one…

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  1. I just opened the “Police” GT-R today. I also have the Black Bandit version. If you are familiar with the Tomica Limited Vintage(NEO) versions of these cars, or Oversteer, keep the expectation low…. No, even lower than that.

    Really messed up looking taillights ruins the GreenLight GT-Rs for me. Other than that, I think it's okay for $7 car.

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