Sung Kang unveils the 2017 Hot Wheels Datsun 240Z "Fugu Z"…

Sung Kang, famous for his role in the Fast & Furious series, and possibly now even more famous in car circles for his “Fugu Z” 240Z, has now unveiled the worst kept secret in Hot Wheels – the little Fugu Z is coming to the 2017 Hot Wheels basic range.


Methinks this will be a popular one.  No idea when it hits, but it is coming.  Major congrats to Sung and the Hot Wheels crew behind it.  Its a stunner…

16 Replies to “Sung Kang unveils the 2017 Hot Wheels Datsun 240Z "Fugu Z"…”

  1. Already looks better than the Fairlady (sorry Jun, if you are reading. Real car looks great, but IMO did not transfer well to small scale.

  2. A casting such as this would have to be used in a line more exclusive than the mainline.
    Would be nice if there were another Speed Machines release or Garage line to slide this car into (well, the current Garage release is pretty cool, but it is not as top notch like the past Garage production which had premium wheels/tires).
    Even if a second group of Japan Historics were to be reissued, this model would fit right in, but would it have front or rear tampos… the Japn Car Culture line seemed lacking in that respect.

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