So are there really 365 different models in the 2017 Hot Wheels Basic Assortment?

So I saw my first 2017 Hot Wheels model the other day – preview coming soon – and one thing really stood out:

This model is #10 of…ahem…365.  365!  Considering the basic ranges in previous years have been 250, that is a MASSIVE increase.  Just think of all the different models we can collect!  Overload!  We need space!  Combine the kid’s rooms, we need a new Hot Wheels Room!  So much to collect!

Whoooooaaaaaaa there cowboy.  Don’t go sending the kids off to boarding school just yet, or trying to convince your significant other that a wall full of Hot Wheels models in the living room is “tasteful”, because nothing really has changed.

In previous years, the models have been numbered up to 250, but that has not included recolors.  Now recolors will have their own numbers.  That’s it.  Same number, just communicated a tad differently.

Now we wait to find out what will make up those 365 models.  Should be fun…

10 Replies to “So are there really 365 different models in the 2017 Hot Wheels Basic Assortment?”

  1. Ah man you got me excited! Reading the very top made me thought that they radically increased their assortment of cars! Then I read further down and found the truth. Bummer. But hey, 250 cars plus recolors is plenty to collect in my book!

  2. May Cheong won't be losing that Ferrari license for awhile. Besides, Mattel has more worries on their hands. Since losing most of the Disney Princess lines to Hasbro, they are struggling to keep all of the Disney licenses, including Cars and Planes.

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