Variation Alert! Yes, the Matchbox Nissan Skyline has two interiors…

File this under “Awesome because it is just awesome.”

As we reported earlier, this week Matchbox sent out their raw, unriveted Skylines to the winners of the #matchboxcustomcontest for them to customize.  Over the last few days, those customizers have been showing what arrived:

A photo posted by Leo Campos (@lcampos37) on Jul 29, 2016 at 8:03am PDT


A photo posted by Luke Baumstark (@lukeshotwheels) on Jul 27, 2016 at 4:41pm PDT


A photo posted by Chris T Huntley (@78toy4dr) on Jul 28, 2016 at 6:57pm PDT


It is really exciting to see what these artists do, and I can’t wait to see.  But something else was revealed in the process.  Look at second and third photos again, specifically at the engine.  Former Matchbox designer Miguel Lopez helps:


So yes, the cat is out of the bag.  The Matchbox 1971 Nissan Skyline not only has a hidden engine, but there are two versions of said engine.  One is a racing turbo engine, and the other stock.  And yes, you can only see the engine if you take the model apart.

So next you might ask, how do I know which engine I have in my Skyline?  Well, you can take it apart, or you just have to look at the seat.  The turbo engine version also has a 5-point harness for the driver, while the stock engine does not.

To simplify, there are two versions of the upcoming Nissan Skyline, and since the engine is hidden, we can call one “with belt” and the other “without belt”.  No one will be more rare than the other, and they will be randomly distributed in the upcoming assortments.  How freaking cool is that?

The team sent a raw version my way, with both interiors, so you can see them together.  The pics are included.

And it isn’t just the interior vari and hidden engine that grab your attention once the model is taken apart.  Look at the base:

Yep, those are floormats and pedals.  The only thing this model is missing is a decent A/C and seat heaters.

And why did the Matchbox Team, specifically designer Abe Lugo, do all this?  One reason, and it is very important.

Because he wanted to.

Mattel Designer Miguel Lopez, who left Mattel to travel the world, and now current Designer Abe Lugo, are adamant about injecting fun back into the brand.  It starts at the Design Center, where these design nerds literally review models on a makeshift campsite that they built in their area, and it filters over to us.  We need a little whimsy back in Matchbox, and damn if these dudes – along with Product Manager Gerry Cody – aren’t doing it.

I am sure there will be complaints about how two variations of this surely-to-be hard-to-find model will now even be more difficult to find, or questions around the reasoning of doing an engine that no one will see.  We might even see priceless arguments that go something like “stop worrying about engines no one can see and start worrying about distribution” or some shit like that.  I say enjoy the models.  Find other ways to get them if a store can’t provide.  These guys want these models in your hands, and they know that if they make a product we all want, the stores will stock them.  The Skyline is a great example.

We have already seen the bed variation with the VW Transporter, and now we have the Skyline.  And we aren’t remotely close to being done with things like that.  In fact, get used to it.  The team has promised that more surprises are on the way.

I personally love this, and can’t wait to hunt down both versions.  I hope you are excited as well…

14 Replies to “Variation Alert! Yes, the Matchbox Nissan Skyline has two interiors…”

  1. Wow that base detail is incredible. I can't wait to take a jewelers saw to reveal those different engines. I haven't been excited for an MBX casting before, but I am with this one. And I'm a Mustang guy!

  2. That's all I think of anymore when I see these awesome new castings and stuff go up.. I'm just like that'd be so cool. If it ever made it to any of my stores.

  3. So is there any chance Matchbox will reveal the engine in the future with a body variant? If their premium series stick around for more than a batch or two, I could easily imagine a special version of the body with the hood removed, or maybe even a hinged hood. Hot Wheels does things like this occasionally, like with the '56 Ford panel truck.

  4. The guys might want these cars in our hands and we might want to buy them but the stores can't stock them if they can't get them, and the stores won't stock them if their pegs are full of peg warming generics/originals (as shown in your “photograph the pegs” thing earlier in the year…and by the way, nothing has changed).

    To purchase a car from a store in the USA that can provide it and have it shipped to Australia will cost around $30. That is hardly priceless for a $1 or $3 car (depending on whether you live in the USA or not). I'll just add it to the growing list of new Mattel cars I will never see and keep spending those $30s on second hand Matchbox that I can get and enjoy.

  5. Where in Australia are you? I've been finding all of the up to date Matchbox releases in either Big W, Coles or Woolworths. They are showing up pretty quickly. Big W are on the H Case with the Transporter. Picked one up last week.

    I'm on the Gold Coast so if you want we can set something up, to get the cars you want to you. Are you on Instagram? I'm on there as allnwalsh.

  6. Models like these are the reason, Matchbox needs to improve distribution, also, they need to fix the ammount of licensed cars or cars that they know will be a hit vs ones that are not. Case in point is most walmarts in Orange County CA, have tons of ice vehicles and zambonies just chillin, not selling, and stuff like this, makes retailers less likely to carry the brand.

  7. Just found both version at my local dollar storwith. So cool the card art is what setting the apart. 1 is silver like the skyline and the turbo 1 is a lite blue turbo version. I new something was strange when I seen 2 different card art for the same vehicle so I just grabbed both of them and looked them what a score!!

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