Japan Booster now has 1:43 scale diecast, and there are some doozies…

1:43 Scale at Japan Booster

This is a very cool development.

Japan Booster has been hinting that would be jumping into other scales, and they just did.  This week 1:43 popped into their eBay store:

1:43 Scale at Japan Booster

If I were to jump into different scales – and I might – 1:43 would be me preference.  The cars are far more detailed than their 1:64 counterparts, but still smaller than larger scales that take up a lot of room.

And there are many brands.  In the case of Japan Booster, they have started with the very affordable First43 and the insanely detailed but expensive Ignition Models.  All are worth checking out.

Ignition especially is an amazing brand.  The Datsun Bluebird Coupe pictured above and the two Skylines below are Ignition.  The models are resin, and everything is licensed.  They are not cheap in the least, but they are worth it.  I own a 1:43 Scale Kenmeri and it is a mindblowing model.

So go check them out, and as always, the FREE SHIPPING policy applies for all purchases over $50…