How great is the latest batch of Hot Wheels Zamacs?

I don’t know who came up with the concept of doing three zamacs every other Walmart batch, but it was a brililant idea.  Walmart wants its exclusives, and these really stand out.  And I have said it several times before, but this is the best exclusive basic line Hot Wheels has ever done, and I hope it continues.

I decided when the first batch of Zamacs appeared several years ago that I would collect them all.  I am glad I made that decision.  I obviously don’t like all the castings, but pursuing all the Zamacs means several castings I would not normally collect make it into the collection.

And of all the 3-car batches released in Walmart stores, this latest batch may be the best.  Three great, licensed castings.  Cool deco.  And one of the best zamacs ever, the Gulf Ford GT.

There isn’t much more to say about these.  We all know zamacs are unpainted, but finished Hot Wheels that really show off the castings they use.  But beside that there are some models that work better than others.  Putting the Gulf livery on a zamac may be the best idea yet, next to the Hurst deco on the zamac Chevelle Wagon a few years ago.  I wouldn’t mind a few more.

At the end of the year I will do a full Zamac update, showing everyone released since they debuted as Walmart exclusives a few years ago.  I am guessing these will be some of the most popular…

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  1. Great how you can see how much castings once they are out of the 'press' are abused.
    We don't have them in Europe but I'm not sad about that.
    I like my cars painted.

  2. I have to agree. One of the best sets indeed! Love the Charger the best! It's too bad I'll never find them though. I haven't found a zamac set in over a year! Our Walmart here sucks really badly with zamacs! It's a shame, since there are so many nice batches that I missed out on. Someday…..

  3. You know.. I had that Charger in hand when I visited a WM in a neighboring state last weekend and it was cool.. noe I regret it. Also had the Ford GT in hand too, but the Charger is way better!

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