Yes, this is the inevitable Hot Wheels v. Matchbox Mazda MX-5 Miata comparison post…

Find the Hot Wheels Mazda MX-5 Miata at Wheel Collectors…

It had to happen, right?  I had to put these together.

Hot Wheels Batch M marks the debut of their 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata, just a few weeks after the debut of Matchbox’s MX-5 Miata.  Both are red, both reek of their respective styles, and to me, both are wonderfully done.

I will keep my take very simple.  You can only compare them on style, because execution is spot on with both.  And even then, style becomes a matter of personal preference.  If you are really into drift, or like your cars modified, you would lean towards the Hot Wheels.  If stock is your game, the Matchbox would be your choice.

But you can’t say the Hot Wheels sucks because they didn’t do a nice job.  Because they did a really nice job.  If your goal is a drift-inspired MX-5, then you would create the Hot Wheels.  If your goal is stock, you cannot do better than the Matchbox.  (And yes, I know you Tomica fans are in the back raising your hands high, ready to remind me of their MX-5.  I will let Lamley’s RTE jump in on that comparison.  It is a nice model indeed.)

I never have a problem with Hot Wheels and Matchbox doing replicas of the same car.  Of course, since I collect both brands, them producing different cars is probably better, but occasionally I like pairs like this.  Especially when they are this different.  The same applies for the Hakosuka Skyline that Hot Wheels released in 2011, and what is coming from Matchbox later this year.  The cars are the same, but the take is very different, and they pair perfectly together.  I even wonder if they used the same windshield.  They look very similar.

(Of course the most interesting example of a pair like this is the Hot Wheels and Matchbox Tesla Models S models.  Matchbox stock, Hot Wheels modded in a race style.  Some were really critical of the Hot Wheels – I didn’t like the chin – and some went as far to say Hot Wheels didn’t know how to design cars.  The funny thing?  Both Teslas were designed by the SAME person – Ryu Asada.  Ryu went “Hot Wheels” for one and “Matchbox” for the other.  How cool is that?  Incidentally Ryu is the main designer behind the HW MX-5.)

So is there one I like better?  Yeah, the Matchbox, but only because I am more of a stock guy.  But the Hot Wheels joins the collection too, because it is a great replica done in a very cool style, and I LOVE the deco on this one, especially since they were able to add front tampos.  And on another note, no upsloped chin spoiler – on a race car.  Hmmmm, maybe we are moving away from that?

So yeah, I am in on both.  You?

(Find the Hot Wheels Mazda MX-5 Miata at Wheel Collectors…)

19 Replies to “Yes, this is the inevitable Hot Wheels v. Matchbox Mazda MX-5 Miata comparison post…”

  1. The crispiness and accuracy on the Matcbox is better than Hot Wheels, I think we can all agree on that. Apart from that, both are fantastic models and I'm going to be collecting both. I wonder what the recolours will be like?

  2. I would still like an answer to the question that Mattel stated “We will NOT make the same model on both brands”

    Other than that, the Hot wheels one looks blobby, over painted and not right, the Matchbox, is far superior.

  3. Thanks again to matchbox for having front and rear tampos!

    I have always wondered why they have not made these convertable cars with a driver in it? I know they can do it, even if it is a person in a race suit so it is not gender specific, I think all the cars could have drivers and passengers added to the interior casting, and they could even have interior variants with more or less passengers, or a dog sitting in the passenger seat. The convertible models always look like they are missing something due to this.

  4. If Matchbox can put a duffel bag in the back of a VW ute, or a rope and flashlight in the back of another car with gas cans, or other cool things ( border collies in the back of stationwagons) they can put people in the seats.

    Everyone has to have the rollcage variants and things like that, so why not?!?!

  5. You answered your own question. Matchbox and Hot Wheels do not share the same molds or use the same executions. Hot Wheels is based on racing/sport/customs, while Matchbox is focused on realism.

  6. With all due respect to the other cars, but the Miata was the one I was waiting for. And both the HW and MB versions are gorgeous! That's a pretty rare thing to say nowadays. I am definitely copping two of each!

  7. No brainer. The Matchbox for me. I always love it when Matchbox makes stock-oriented cars that you would see on the roads everyday. It's true to life and an array of nice cars are offered (Gee Matchbox, why did you have to let that go so much years ago?) I do however like the Hot Wheels one as well, just not as much. I appreciate the fact that they kept the upsloped chin off of this car! It would have ruined it! The front tampos give it the complete look of the sleek light and grille lines this car really has. Can't wait to find both! I hope!

  8. Yes.. good point. Remember the Lesney Mercury station wagons or the Olds Vista Cruiser wagons that had the dogs poking out of the rear window?
    Could have a driver in race suit like the Stig!

  9. I love both of them! I have the matchbox at hand, and my hotwheels version is coming tomorrow. I'll be customizing both for sure. I like the hw version a little bit more, though, because of its aggressiveness.

  10. Now that I have both in my collection and am also a long-time Miata owner, I am very pleased with both versions.

    MB is true to form. perfect execution. Very well done.

    I do love the extra details Hot wheels added that were not mentioned in this article: the roll bar (which most true Miata enthusiasts have),inside the grille opening you find an intercooler and a tow hook, the front lip, rear diffuser and side skirts that are apart of the plastic base fit perfectly and the hood latches that are part of the casting and also have a tampo are a great touch. I would have liked a smaller, nicer looking rear wing but I'm just glad we have two new Miatas.

    My only complaint, if you can call it that, is that the Hot wheels version is a bit smaller in overall size compared to the MB. Wish they could have been the same size.

    However as I compare the new HW Miata it to the original HW Miata, the two are very true to real world sizes which make me think Hot Wheels really put in the extra thought to this car.

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