Lamley Unboxing: A look at the Bburago diecast Ferraris, Part 1…

It was one of the bigger stories in the diecast collecting world in the last couple of years.  The Ferrari license switched from Mattel to Maisto, and their subsidiary Bburago.

For collectors, Ferrari and Hot Wheels were synonymous.  Especially the last decade.  Every year Hot Wheels would release at least one new Ferrari casting, several recolors, and all-Ferrari 5-pack.  They did the premium Ferrari Racers line at one point, and many other scales and series.

And then one day it was gone.  And Maisto jumped onto the stage and mentioned they had it, and they had all kinds of ideas of what to do with it.  And now we are seeing those plans.

The Bburago Ferrari lines have been out for a bit, and they were kind enough to let me showcase a few.  My feelings about Ferrari leaving Mattel have been mixed to say the least, so I really appreciate the opportunity to take a closer look, especially at some that I haven’t seen in stores.  In fact, I am asking you guys to let all of us know where you are finding these.

Nonetheless, this showcase will come in two parts.  Today, a run through the three scales – 1:64, 1:43, and a stunning 1:18 – on the YouTube Channel, and then a full DLM photo showcase here on the blog in a few days.  My guess is you will like a lot of what you see, and I will give my thoughts in the video:

The fact is I am excited to see where this will go.  I still contend that it is better for more brands to carry the license, but while Maisto is the group that has it, I really like what they are doing.  And yes, many of these are hopping into my collection.

And I hope you share your thoughts below.

Part 2 coming…

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  1. My problem has to do with availability. Not many mass market stores carry Bburago. Even with Maisto, do they even have Ferraris in their “Fresh Metal” line. If so, I wouldn't want to buy them. They are poor quality.

  2. I actually found some loose 1:43 Bburago Ferraris at an “educational” toy store in San Antonio this past weekend. The had a LaFerrari, F50, 599 GTB, 599XX, 430, 250TR and one or two more I think. Selling for $9.99 each, I got the 250TR and had to force myself to pass on the stunning LaFerrari.

    This is the first place I've seen 1:43 casts anywhere. I saw some 1:18s or 1:24s (don't remember which) in a Walgreens around Christmas but they're gone now and haven't been restocked.

    I'm really pretty impressed with the 1:43 casts. The detail is very good. I wish the store had had an F1 car but I was happy with the 250TR.

  3. Unless I'm mixing them up with something else, I've seen the small ones at Walmart here in Canada. They struck me as slightly bigger than 1:64 scale, more like a Norev 3-inch size, but I might be wrong?

  4. To bad the 1/43 doesn't have opening parts,because for me quality starts with robber tires and opening parts.probably i will try to collect 1/64.and only if i see opening parts at 1/43 i would switch.for this reason,i started to collect from Welly,scale 1/34-1/39 which is a little bigger,but still not 1/32 from BBurago which i consider already to big,a lot of exotic and off-road cars,because they have quality, opening doors and robber tires.But I always tend to collect small cars,because the real art is when you try to reproduce high details on a small scale,so the smaller the scale is and the higher the details are,for me should be a winner to collect it.

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