Never owned a Tomica Limited Vintage before? Start with the Nissan Silvia Super Silhouette…

Find the TLV Silvia Super Silhouette at Japan Booster

It is time.

Really it is time.  I am sure you have debated buying a Tomica Limited Vintage in the past.  There is no argument, Tomica Limted Vintage produces the best quality diecast in 1:64, and it isn’t close.  No model comes close to the look, feel, and quality of TLV.  There are plenty of models that look really nice, but aren’t put together like TLV.  Those that have a few TLV’s will attest to what I am saying.  It is a whole different level.

But with that level of quality comes a high price tag.  I have heard a lot of people say they really want to get a few, but the price is steep.  And that is totally understandable.  They aren’t cheap.

But they are worth it.  You might experience a little buyer’s remorse when you first order one, but that quickly dissipates when the model arrives.  You just have to be careful and not fall too deep down the whole.  Before you know it your kid’s college fund is totally depleted and your significant other is wondering where all these Nissan Cedrics came from.

Because of that I have two pieces of advice when it comes to TLV, if you don’t want to fall too deep down the hole:

  1. If you see a model coming out that looks interesting, order it right away.  TLV’s are cheapest when they are first released, and they only go up from there.  Our friends at Japan Booster have started a pre-order page at, and I highly recommend it.
  2. If you don’t want to find yourself order model after model, start with a good standalone.  In other words, buy one that stands on its own.  TLV tends to released 2 or 3 colors of a certain model at once, and then might revisit it with a few more later.  The Nissan GT-R, for example, already has 11 different versions since its first release 15 months ago.  So it is prudent to buy a model that stands well on its own, and won’t tempt you as much as others to get more.  
Of course that is easier said than done.  Buy one TLV, you will buy more.  But a great standalone to help just a little is the brand new Nissan Silvia Super Silhouette.  TLV has never released a more stunning model.
Well, actually they have released a ton of equally stunning models, but it is easy to argue nothing surpasses the insanity that is the Silvia.  We have jumped into the history and significance of the Super Silhouettes before, so I will spare you that today.  But don’t forget so much of the style you see in Japanese car culture today is a byproduct of the Silhouettes.
And TLV has now done the most significant of the Silhouettes with the addition of the Silvia.  After three Bluebirds and three Skylines, the Silvia makes this set feel complete (but there are more than could come).  But remember I said the Silvia could be a standalone.  While the Bluebirds and Skylines look very similar, the Silvia stands out.  Different colors and decos, those drool-inducing Hoshino Impul G5 wheels, and that sleek, enhanced S110 design.  I have mine next to all the other Silhouettes, but of all of them, this one does the best on its own.

It has been a few months since the Silvia was announced, and I can honestly say it ranks for me one of my most-anticipated models in the collection.  It was a no-brainer even before it was announced, and it is a no-brainer now.  The model is perfect.
And remember that thing I said about prices going up?  It is already starting.  Because of the detail TLV puts into the Silhouettes, with the removable hood and detailed engine, these models are more expensive than standard TLV’s.  So expect that.  But this has been out a couple of weeks now and the price has already started to creep.  The demand in Japan for this one is high.
It is available now at Japan Booster, and you don’t want to miss out…

All 6 previous Silhouettes (Skyline on the left, Bluebird on the right):

Third-issue Skyline with the Silvia:

The famous Skylines:

6 Replies to “Never owned a Tomica Limited Vintage before? Start with the Nissan Silvia Super Silhouette…”

  1. I pre-ordered mine the moment it was announced on your blog and got it this week. It is only my second TLV after the GTR N Attack but boy, it it a stunner. In a sense i am glad TLV and TLVNeo focus so heavily on vintage japanese cars or i would have a hard time not buying a couple every month.

  2. I have around 18 odd models of TLV and yes, I agree with all the suggestions. specially the first one. The moment a model is launched makes sense to take the same else the pricing increases exponentially. And unfortunately these are expensive as hell. I am based out of India, and these cost a bomb to import these. But yes, definitely worth all the dime.

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