Collector’s disdain for the Trap5 wheels, and the need for new Hot Wheels basic wheels…

This seems to be the consensus:

Someone posts on IG or Facebook a pic of a new Hot Wheels model.  People might love the model, but if it is sporting Trap5 wheels, that qualification will emerge.  “Wish it had different wheels.”  “Who decided on those?”  “Why ruin something so cool with those round abominations?”

It seems that since the Trap5 wheels were unveiled as an alternative Faster Than Ever wheel a few years ago, there has been little love for them.  In fact, I can’t remember any occasion I have seen a “those wheels look perfect on that!” comment with the Trap5s.

So now seems a good time to ask what about the Trap5 wheels makes collectors cringe.  Hot Wheels Batch M has two very nice releases that are sporting the Pizza Wheels, the BMW M4 and the Renault Sport RS.  Both are recolors, and both sported the Trap5s in their earlier 2016 releases as well.

And frankly, to me, both models look fantastic.  I am not saying they look good BECAUSE of the wheels, I am just saying both models look nice to matter what wheels they sit on.  A lot has to do with the quality of the castings, and the detail in the deco (the white Bimmer with front and rear tampo is gorgeous), but the wheels don’t seem to detract.  I would argue the Trap5s look a lot like the actual wheels Renault uses on the Sport RS, so I am pretty happy in that case.

The Renault may be the exception, so maybe there are better wheel options for models like the BMW.

But are there?

Maybe this opens up a bigger issue.  Let’s get into super geek mode and talk about wheels.  Hot Wheels has an amazing array with Real Rider wheels, including the brand new 4-spoke wheels that debuted in the Japan Historics line.  But basic wheels leave A LOT to be desired.

Go across the hall to Matchbox, and while they don’t have as many basic wheel options, they are far superior to Hot Wheels.  On a classic car, Matchbox has the option of disk hubcap and trispoke wheels.  On a new contemporary car, there are the double-10 spokes and the tremendous 5-spokes (my favorite basic wheel).  Of course they have a slew of off-road and utility options as well.  Think if the Hot Wheels BMW M4 sported these wheels:

Instead of these:

White cars look amazing on dark or black rims, and that is why I am ok with the Trap5 wheels here.  But the Matchbox 5-spokes would be far more realistic.

So Hot Wheels, maybe take some of that brilliance on developing the Real Riders and apply them to a new batch of basic wheels.  You need them badly.

In fact, if can put the Matchbox 5-spokes on almost any of the Hot Wheels contemporary models, how good would they look?  BMW E30?  R34 Skyline?  Porsche 911?  Maybe Hot Wheels can borrow a few of those wheels and try them out on some castings.  Just go ask.  Or maybe do the “Hey look!  A spider!” trick and grab a few while they flee in horror.

All that said, that BMW is pretty badass in white.  One of my favorite models this year.  Same with the Renault.

It just might be time for new wheels…

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  1. Good article. I don't like the Trap5 either but there have been a few times when it did work, like on the Renault or earlier on the Sesto Elemento. It seems that it works best with prototype or concept type of cars, as they look like the kind of out there rims these cars usually have.
    But if i had to say what it is that i don't like about the wheel it's basically that it doesn't feel a wheel at all. It shares one problem with other regular wheels from HW: the tire is too slim, to the point it feels like it's not there at all. And with the Trap5 it looks even more so because it lacks any type of circle (something the picture of the actual Renault concept you posted actually has) making it look like the car is standing on 4 sets of 5 blocks.
    Whenever i see the Trap5 on an older car, i simply black them out with a sharpie.

  2. Agree with elisio. There is no definition of a tire on the Trap5. I have never liked them, and they've always been my first to swap out. Totally agree on the Matchbox 5 spokes. Awesome wheels.

  3. On the Renault, TRAP5s give the accuracy that lets the car shine. On the BMW, it looks like something Mansory can come up with. Get that weak shit outta here and replace them with 7SP wheels.

  4. I just don't even consider buying any good casting that is spoiled with these wheels. Matchbox wheels are awesome. Even Majorette has come up with better wheels for contemporary cars.

  5. It's been five years since the introduction of the TRAP5's and FTE2's (the same thing but with copper-plated axles) I believe the first car to feature the original FTE2's was the 2011 Hot Wheels Corvette Stingray Concept in red. And then I believe the first car to be released on the TRAP5's was the 2011 Hot Wheels K-Mart Exclusive AMC Javelin AMX in blue (unfortunately) But what I don't understand is why they needed to change the wheel in the first place. When do you ever really see a BMW in real life sitting on those style wheels? It takes away from the look! No need for them! It just goes to the old saying, “If it ain't broke, don't fix it!”

  6. I those wheels to and I buy the BMW for the casting. I'm not a wheel changer because I keep my models original. What bothers me is that Mattel wants to sell as many cars as they can. It has nothing to do with costs or anything. The first two releases of the m4 looked great. Lets ruin the followups!? I know that many collectors and children also like the MB 5 spokes. Come one, it's one brand so let the models look at their best. Throw away the mold of the pizza wheels and increase the production of the 5 spokes. Problem solved!

  7. I don't think they look horrible on the Renault, and the BMW is not too bad. The TRAP5's do shine on the blue Lamborghini Sesto Elemento from this year (in my humble opinion, of course)

  8. I agree 100% with my friend Elisio, I don't like those wheels either except on the Renault. You know who has worst wheels than Hot Wheels? Majorette. Hopefully, they figure out their wheel issues sooner than later, amazing castings but the wheels have been disappointing

  9. They need to line the lip of those wheels with the rim color instead of having that floating look. HW needs to use the gun metal grey more often too. I'd love to see some lace wheels that color.

  10. I like the TRAP5 blacked out or with one of the 5 blocks painted red. Removing factory color from the wheels is easy. Try rubbing them with a cotton swap soaked with a bit of paint thinner.

  11. I dont hate Trap5, but it does annoy me when they use the wheel on a realistic car models. However, it suits original designs cars, like the 2015 Velocita for example

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