With all due respect to the R34 Skyline & Miata, the Hot Wheels Ford Focus RS is the gem of Batch M…

The general public doesn’t get excited about a Ford Focus.  And car nuts don’t get excited for the typical Ford Focus.  But the Ford Focus RS is a different story.

The world seems to be going bonkers for the RS and its Drift Mode.  Lots of wannabe Top Gear hosts are utilizing their proper British pauses to highlight how cool the new Ford is.  Our overseas friends already know how cool the hot hatches are, and we Americans are finally figuring it out.  Thankfully the RS is coming here.

And in this, the apparent year of the Ford, it makes perfect sense to debut in the Hot Wheels line.  We have seen the Shelby GT350R, the new Raptor, and the Ford GT is coming.  This little Focus in Nitrous Blue may take the cake.

It is so nice to see such a clean, stock casting.  Hot Wheels has given us some nice stock models of late, like the BMW M4, and it is cool to see.  And this signature blue is a great debut.  Look closely and you will see the RS logo in the grill.  And, surprise surprise, it was designed by Mark Jones.  The sleeper car in this batch was designed by Hot Wheels’ sleeper designer.  Mark has a magic touch, as the Focus clearly demonstrates.

Hopefully this model has a bright future, especially in stock form.  Maybe a recolor in gunmetal grey with black rims?  Maybe a premium version with full front and rear tampos and all black Real Riders?  You can see where I am going.

Nonetheless, this is a most welcome addition to the line, and one that most definitely joins the collection.  So yes, I can imagine the R34 Skyline and brand new Miata will get gobbled up when Batch M hits.  Don’t pass this one up though.  It might end up being your favorite…

16 Replies to “With all due respect to the R34 Skyline & Miata, the Hot Wheels Ford Focus RS is the gem of Batch M…”

  1. Got it – when I got the Mazda Miata, R34 and recolour Integra – Would have been nice if they aimed the front tampos a little lower to actually get the tampo lights onto the casting where Mark has skilfully replicated where the lights ought to be…

  2. Great edition to the signature new castings Hot Wheels has been releasing for the last several years! It's just too bad the rear has nothing going on. Taillights would complete it. Overall, it's awesome little hatch!

  3. The casting is superb! Very strong contender for Casting of the year. But the lack of rear tampos and other trim details means that it doesn't look 10/10 perfect. Y U DO THIS Hot wheels?

  4. This would have been a gem if it was produced by matchbox. The tampo printing which gives the finish to the model is nowhere near perfect. Same case with all other road cars that hot wheels has been trying to model. It's either no tampos or ugly sloppy finish. Just do a comparison against the similar or lower priced majorette or realtoy. Good thing for mattel that those brands are not available in US stores.

  5. A great casting in the Ford promo/release colors. But like everyone else said, the headlight tampos are poorly done. This is a Mattel trait of late. Get something on the area even if it doesn't match the shape or size of the actual light. Others do it well even on compound curves. It seems like a lack or caring or trying. Even simple all red and silver would look better.

  6. I'm guessing the descision to go no rear tampo's because the rear lights rap around to the side, under the rear windows. So they have to do the sides too.

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