Matchbox is just having fun now…

I have said I really like this Matchbox Team.  Not that my opinion matters, but after meeting Gerry and Abe last year at the Matchbox Gathering, I have become a true believer in where Matchbox is headed.

Of course there is a way to go, including with distribution, but this team is passionate, has a ton of fun, and yes, pays attention to what the collectors are saying.

Back to that ton of fun part.  The team likes to mix things up, throw out a little reference here and an easter egg there.  Check some of the liveries on the new vehicles and you might see some interesting references.  And look closely at the latest models.  You might fund a subtle difference between the two.

Or a big difference.

As the new VW Transporter has been making its way to collectors, two versions have been discovered.  My friends at Wheel Collectors found both in their inventory:

I have no idea if one will be harder to find than the other, but they will both be out there.  All I know is it will be fun to have both.  Wheel Collectors does, and put a few pairs up for sale.

Matchbox is keeping mum on whether these little differences will show up on other castings, so it is up to us to discover them.  This should be fun…

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  1. chrisJune 20, 2016 at 2:06 PM
    Looking forward to finding both of these. Does the presence of the plain wheel in the back of one indicate that the model was to have had plain wheels?

    These slight differences aren't unlike the minor casting differences between different versions of the old Yesteryear Citroen H vans.


    ( previous version deleted – bad grammar)

  2. Awesome variation. However, it's not awesome to see “Wheelscalpers” selling the set for $21.99 on eBay. Freaking retail level sclapers is all they are.

  3. I'm already dreading trying to find these on the pegs. While I appreciate the variation, it's just going to make the scalpers that much more determined to take them all.

  4. Where is Matchbox? I have searched everywhere around my place in California – Walmarts, Targets, Toys R US's. In the past several months all I could find is only 5 and 9 packs. The only exception was the Jeep series at Walmart. Other than that, there is not a even sign of any new batch – whatever I saw in the web and Lamley. All these pictures just make no sense or difference. Sorry about the rant.

  5. You are so right. Wheel collectors is going to far with their prices, it's rediculous. I never buy there because I live in Europe. But if I was a American citizen I wouldn't either.

  6. Matchbox has nearly no distribution in most areas – I'm frankly not surprised that collectors are turning to other brands to satisfy their need for detailed and realistic 3-inch diecasts, even if the price is higher.
    It's too frustrating to hope for Matchbox to improve distribution when Mattel themselves cannot control their own distribution patterns.

  7. Que the variation frenzy! I love how the new team is playing around. And I hope to see more of this. Oh and does this mean the next recolour might have the Disk wheels, as shown on the spare wheel?

  8. Great casting, I will use nail varnish remover or a dry eraser to remove those ridiculous decals. Otherwise, it's an awesome casting. I agree with the comments above: 1) Matchbox distribution needs to be improved and it's going towards multi-packs in many stores (Canadian TRUs got rid of Matchbox altogether) 2) Wheels Collectors prices for Matchbox are not reasonable.

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