Greenlight wants to hear from you – what castings should they do next?

Greenlight just released a survey asking collectors to vote on several new casting options.  I thought it was important to get the word out.  You can find the survey and list of models here:

Greenlight Potential New Mold/Tool Survey

There are several interesting choices, including the VW Rabbit, VW Crew Cab, and Rat Rod Beetle.  My guess is many of you would be interested in the three top choices, the Datsun 240Z, Nissan R34 Skyline, as well as the R33.  The 240Z and R34 are always welcome, but they are becoming the new Mustangs and Camaros.  The R33 is a very interesting choice, especially since it tends to sit lost between the R32 and R34, and few diecast replicas have been made.

But whatever your choice, let your voice be heard.  These companies listen to collectors more than you think, and when one asks for an opinion, we better to ready to give it…

(Photo Credit: Greenlight)

19 Replies to “Greenlight wants to hear from you – what castings should they do next?”

  1. Those are very nice castings, but what I want to see is the 2014 Impala or 2011 Caprice PPV. Anyways if I have to choose one from above, I choose the R33 and the Golf/Rabbit cabrio.

  2. For all those voting on models not shown, these were the only 6 offered to vote on.

    I voted for the Golf Cabrio. Not done in small scale. Yes Siku did one but it is pretty big.

  3. Also a 1964-1966 Studebaker, which would fit in really nice with the Country Roads theme, and look lovely towing a trailer in the Hitch & Tow series. Additionally, Studebaker fans in general are pretty active and passionate, so releasing a rarely-cast Studebaker would capture that market pretty well, once the fans are made aware of the casting.

  4. How about something like an ICON Bronco, Hennessey Venom GT, more 50's cars, Road Racers, Lamborghini Miura/Jota, 80's car's, MECUM to name a few.

    As far as above.. Datsun 240Z, Nissan R34 Skyline.

  5. Definitely R33 GTR, only Kyosho have produce the actual 1/64 scales. Even in other miniature scale, R33 is not as much as the other's Skyline GTR

  6. I used to have a Cabby so I'll pick that first. There aren't any 1/64ths that I'm aware of. Mine was Cedar Green Metallic with a “gazelle” (tan/brown) interior. I'm only a little biased but I think that's one of the best color combos they came in. I got in a fender bender and put on some square lights. <3

    If you guys (talking to Greenlight) do a Mk1 2dr, I beg (BEG!) you to do an early Westy, which was '79-80. Everyone seems to cast the 81-84 late Westy with the wraparound turn signals but I prefer the early ones.

    And there were such drop dead gorgeous colors to choose from! Here is “Mountain green” on a '79.

    But either way as long as the paint color is not greyscale I will buy the hell out of whatever Mk1 you put out. 🙂

    (Second choice: Stock S30 in 112 yellow. Mmmmm)

  7. I know we're supposed to stay on the list, but if you guys are reading this… how about some Exner-era mopar concepts? '63 Dual Ghia, Chrysler Norseman and Plymouth Plainsman, Dodge Flite-wing and Chrysler D'Elegance come to mind. I thank you and metaphorically send you my money in advance!

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