The latest Hot Wheels Toyota Supra in Nitto Tire livery is the most driftastic yet…

The mismatched wheel run of the Hot Wheels Toyota Supra continues.  With last years version in red plus the two Nitto Tire versions this year, the Supra is really getting its drift on.

And that is a cool thing.  Since its debut as a Fast & Furious model a few years ago, the Supra has taken on several incarnations that have promoted several racing-themed auto companies like Falken, GReddy, and Nitto.

Surely another Fast & Furious version is on its way, especially with Paul Walker’s final ride in a pure white Supra becoming an iconic moment in the franchise, but the Supra as a racing car is great.  And I love this latest version in black.

Nitto Tire was nice enough to send a preview of the upcoming model to me, and comparing the black to the green version, I think I am going with the black.  But that really doesn’t matter.  What I really like is the ongoing relationships with these companies like Nitto Tire.  Nitto’s hands are everywhere – just check out their Instagram feed:


A photo posted by Driving Line (@drivingline) on May 29, 2016 at 6:04pm PDT


And yeah, it might be slightly pathetic to a few of you gearheads, but my first exposure to many of these companies has come through Hot Wheels.  I love it when these world collide.

So, keep them coming.  There are surely enough castings to go around, and definitely enough companies to be showcased.

All that said, it is time for a plain-colored Supra…

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