The Hot Wheels Gran Turismo Set has hit the US, and is now available at Wheel Collectors…

Hot Wheels Gran Turismo at Wheel Collectors

Second only to Japan Historics, Hot Wheels Gran Turismo has been one of the most highly anticipated sets of the year, and for US collectors, it is finally here.

Wheel Collectors just unloaded a HUGE pallet of Gran Turismo, and they are available as sets or singles at the WC eBay store:

Hot Wheels Gran Turismo at Wheel Collectors

We showcased the set a few weeks ago, and I remain convinced it is one of the best basic assortments Hot Wheels has done.  I still don’t know exactly where it will show up at retail, so Wheel Collectors might be one of the best options to complete the set.  And while singles are nice, I would concentrate on the set.  The models are cheaper, and there isn’t a weak one in the bunch.

Grab them while you can…

8 Replies to “The Hot Wheels Gran Turismo Set has hit the US, and is now available at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. Im not excited. Think we can get more than just the standard models we see repainted and repackaged to get us to shell out more cash? How about making new and different models? How many times am i buying a 67 GTO with a different color scheme? Switch it up, too many other cars to produce. Do your homework or hire me

  2. Just wanted you guys to know that receiving the Lamley emails is VERY helpful. When you ran the piece on the new NYPD 5 pack that someone found in Mexico but then you mentioned it was also in the states in Target, I was thrilled. Walked into Target yesterday here in VA and even though their singles are few and far between, there it was in the back of the rack…the NYPD 5 pack…an instant purchase for a novice but highly interested collector.

    Thanks guys!


  3. I spotted them in Ottawa, Canada, but only at one specific Walmart (of the three or four I've visited in the past few weeks). I only picked up the Ford GT and the Skyline because of limited funds, I'll probably pick up at least the Lambos and maybe the Jaguar if I see them again but they're nothing I'm going out of my way to find or paying a premium for (since they're only plastic chassis cars).

    Incidentally, I also found the NYPD Matchbox set. Wasn't expecting to see it too soon.

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