And another one: The new Matchbox ’68 Mustang Mudstanger is a real crowd-pleaser…

Find the Mudstanger and Matchbox Batch F at Wheel Collectors…

Crowds love Mustangs.  It is obvious when you do one of the most dangerous deep YouTube dives you can do: Mustang burnouts and crashes.

You cringe, you laugh, your jaw drops at the sheer number of them.  You see the memes.  You then realize you have a blog post to write and it is 2 in the morning.  Damn time-waster, those Mustang crashes on the internet.  But I’m not done.  Back in two hours.

Clearly Mustangs are bad for your health.  Either you stay up way to long watching videos of them crashing, or you get carpal tunnel creating memes about them crashing, or you just crash in one.  Thankfully Matchbox has created a solution.

It’s the Mudstanger.  A few years ago Matchbox created one of its best-looking Mustang castings ever, the ’68 GT California Special.  We have seen it in several colors since, and each has been gorgeous, a perfect replica of an American auto icon.  Then they took a left turn and rednecked the hell out of it.

And it is fantastic.  The 68 Mustang is still there, only now it is sitting on a massive lift kit, with a slight rake, and sporting eloquent mudflaps.  It is something you would only see back behind the garage of the local small-town mechanic.  Your would get out of your car, stare at it and declare “Why would someone ruin a perfectly good Mustaaaaa…actually I kind of like it.”  You would then shake Jim Bob’s hand, and leave the gas station happy that there still is mud caked on the sides of the car.

Now you can play “Mustang Crashes” with all your friends, but in the comfort of your own home!  And no one gets hurt!  Just take your favorite models, like them up like they are stopped at a light, and then let your Mudstang spin out of control and drive over the top of all of them.  Make sure to have a Matchbox cop car nearby and keep your phone on and record it of course.

Sure, this model is ridiculous.  It isn’t the most realistic model, although plenty of people have found evidence online of cars like these existing.  It’s pure fun, and will receive mixed reviews by some, but will be loved by others.  I think it is great.  Maybe not “every version is in the Lamley collection” great, but a great choice for the lineup.  Heck, if Hot Wheels can do a near perfect realistic version of the Aston Martin DB5, Matchbox can return the favor by doing a very Hot Wheels-ish model.

And in case you are wondering, this isn’t just the GT/CS casting on a lifted chassis.  The Mudstanger is a little smaller, to account for the larger, wider wheels fitting in the blister.

And this debut version is great in matte green.  It looks like a lifted Mustang should.  I’m in on the Mudstanger.

(Find the Mudstanger and Matchbox Batch F at Wheel Collectors…)

18 Replies to “And another one: The new Matchbox ’68 Mustang Mudstanger is a real crowd-pleaser…”

  1. Nice posting and nice writing. This is one of your best posts – somehow your perspective came through differently. If I had seen this on the pegs I would have left it there, now I'll at least give it a 2nd look…

    P.S. Thanks for also letting us know that it is a different casting than the C/S – I assumed it was the same!

  2. This is the Stock Body of the Mustang. (no side scoops and not the Thunderbid tail lights as for the CF) Would be nice if they put this one a non-lift base as well….

  3. Matchbox has not been making many Mustangs. The last “current” Mustang was over a decade ago and it was only the concept. The reality is that they should be making models that will sell. NO current Mustang or Camaro just doesn't make sense. It doesn't matter that there may be some in the HW lines to me. Even Majorette has the recent models in their line.

  4. I've seen those cars out there occasionally and I am sure there are off road fans who appreciate these type of castings. I guess, the same way I collect highly modified racing (street, circuit or drag) Mustangs, I should also make room for an off-road type vehicle based on a Mustang. Why not?

  5. It's OK but it takes the place of something else in the line up. For example, I'd much rather Matchbox released a classic Citroen H Van than the Mudstanger. I know that's not going to happen anytime soon.

  6. I have 129 Mustang variations made by Matchbox on the shelfs, and thats is not all Mustangs they made. I would not say Matchbox has not been making many Mustangs…….

  7. Could be both are owned by Mattel. I don't think it's a “copy” of a Hot Wheels, just a variation. I'm open to both manufacturers putting whatever out there. I have to admit, I don't buy the goofy toilet Hot Wheels or heavy equipment Matchboxes.

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