Case Report: Opening a 2016 Matchbox G Case…

These are coming in fast.

On the heels of the fabulous Matchbox F Case, G has already rushed in.  Wheel Collectors got their shipment today and you can find all the models here:

Matchbox 2016 Batch G at Wheel Collectors

This case obviously is not as licensed-model heavy as F, but there are a couple of models I am definitely interested in.  As always, the dudes at Wheel Collectors picked a random case and documented its opening, 3-by-3:

So two models get multiples in this case, and the one licensed new model, the Ford Transit, is one of them.  That is a good thing.  Some other models of interest too, including the the white Alfa and the Moving Van with the Matchbox logo in Japanese.

And yes, the way the cards are arranged in the box is how they came.  Very interesting, and I wonder if we will see that again.

What do you think of the case?

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  1. Very few generics get my attention, and right now the Travel Trecker gets it. At first glance I thought it was the Russian UAZ pickup. this reminds me of the ford Courier camper MBX released back in 1978. This will be on my watch list.

  2. I think it's interesting that they're doing an exact copy of an earlier livery on the International Armored Car. If anybody wanted to have a really solid comparison of metal versus plastic bodies, this would be a good pair to find.

    I really like the recolor of the Rapids Rescue. The Hardnoze, on the other hand, reminds me of a giant hot dog.

  3. That white 4C, goddamn. Doesn't matter what dress she wears, the car is still a knockout beauty.

    And I missed out on the GHE-O Rescue Motherfucker. Lovely blue/gray combo. Now to pop the underside and add some suspension…

    Otherwise… hmmm… I kinda think Tomica Mainline did a better ND Miata.

  4. This case shows the 2 extremes. the licensed models are great but many of the “Originals” are unbelievable in concept and execution. It is one extreme or the other.

    I collect diecast cars. Not fantasy monster tractor cabs with no real purpose. I do buy the ones that are at least based in reality.

  5. too bad almost no local stores in so call carry any of the matchbox stuff, and when they do the amount is measly. They need to get them back in target.

  6. Some of these Matchbox vehicles are nice in design but to make a long story short (so to speak) I was hoping to take notice of a MBX brand 2015 Chrysler 300C but none so far so the question is is Matchbox still planning to develop a diecast version of that Chrysler automobile or plans been “scrapped?”

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