JapanBooster.com is now live! And so is the much-anticipated TLV Nissan Silvia Super Silhouette Preorder…


I will cut to the chase because this is pretty awesome.

JapanBooster.com is now live.  For the last couple of weeks you have been able to pre-order a few TLV and Kyosho sets, but now the site is fully functional and it is time to check it out.  A few highlights:

  • The preorder page has been restocked with the June Batch from Tomica Limited Vintage, and it includes you first chance to order the most anticipated TLV of the year, the Nissan Silvia Super Silhouette.  
  • Other 1:64 brands have been added that will not be available at the Japan Booster eBay store, including Oversteer, Rai’s, and Spark.
  • A new 1:43 store has been added, including one of the hottest brands around, Ignition.  If you haven’t seen these, you need to.
  • And yes, 1:24 scale model kits are available as well.  
This new site is in addition to Japan Booster’s popular eBay store.  Nothing will change there.  It will always be loaded with TLV, Kyosho, and other Japanese diecast, and the same “Spend $50, get Free Shipping” deal will apply.
JapanBooster.com allows Japan Booster to expand to presales and other brands, and I think many Japanese car collectors will greatly benefit.  Just think about the upcoming Silvia Super Silhouette.  That model is going to sell out rapidly.  Now you can guarantee yourself one by reserving it on JapanBooster.com.
A new shipping policy applies for the new site.  Buy 5 items, get Free Shipping.  That essentially means 5 listings.  A single set, like the 24-models Kyosho Alfa set, counts as one item, but then again so does a single listed TLV.  And if you can’t get to 5 items, Japan Booster offers a set shipping price which doesn’t change between 1 and 4 items, depending on where in the world you are located.  Pre-older and listed items can’t be combined. 
Those of you who have used Japan Booster in the past know how impeccable their service and quality is.  And know that they are expanding with the new site has to be exciting.  It is definitely for me.
Some examples of what is now available (clink on the title to go the page):

Not bad, eh?  Check it all out, you’ll like it…

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  1. once again, thank you for the heads-up. The new site is just crazy good. So much cool stuff. So little money to spend. Well at least the Silvia has been secured 🙂

  2. Wow, congratulations – this website is so well done and so easy to use, big thumbs up to the team behind this. Just placed my first order. John- when are you attacking the Lamley logo and CI project? 🙂 needs doing soon….

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