The difference between a Hot Wheels International & US Basic case…

This is a video I put together a few weeks ago, but a little craziness ensued and I wasn’t able to post it.

I was able to acquire a Hot Wheels 2016 US E Case from A&J Toys, and here is the unboxing.  There are some differences between the International and US Cases (International Cases are usually released first), some more obvious than others.

I will do a few of these case comparisons in the future.  For now, enjoy the E Case.  It’s a good one:

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  1. Hi,
    just thought you'd like to know im a collector down here in New Zealand,and another collector has just brought some new K case cars from our version of toys r us (but smaller stores)Toyworld,and new retro entertainment cars (batwing and james bond Spectra aston),we seem to be getting a lot of new new assortments before the U.S this year,J case's arrived a good month ago and are now peg warmers,and for a small country we have a lot of collectors, maybe mattel know that, so send us good stuff first!

  2. i don't get Mattels policy on ROW
    Europe suffering from the ultra-rareness of $upers
    and absoluteley no Real Rider series in shops over here
    are Rubbertires made from Gold or what is the big problem?
    we customizers have big Problems to get Wheels
    most collectors love RRs Models an are forced to import them wich raises the
    costs unnesassary
    this really really really sucks!!!!!

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