Sensational Supra! The Tomica Limited Vintage April Batch is now available at Japan Booster…

Yesterday I unveiled a little about the new site that is just getting off the ground.  It is a very exciting expansion for our good friends at Japan Booster, and I cannot wait to share all the details as they come out in the coming weeks.  Things have already started with the UCC Coffee Mercedes presale.

But even with all that going on, don’t think that our favorite Tomica Limited Vintage eBay store is going anywhere.  The expansion of the website is in addition to the Japan Booster eBay store, and it will remain the best way to get new and older Tomica Limited Vintage models.

Which leads to the April batch.  At 5 models, it is smaller than some of the previous batches, but it packs a punch.  The tiny Suzuki Frontes are fantastic, especially the red racing version, but the models that I think will interest most of you are the two Supras.

The Supra debuted last year, but these two, especially the black version, are a step above.  You can find them here:

TLV-N Toyota Supra at Japan Booster

And here are the Suzuki Frontes:

TLV Suzuki Fronte at Japan Booster

My set is ordered, and look for a feature soon.  And on top of that, look for ways to preorder TLV soon as well.  That should be especially relevant with the Super Silhouette Nissan Silvia rapidly approaching.  Good times indeed…

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