It’s Organization Day: Getting my Tomica Limited Vintage in order…

Late post today, eh?

Let me paint a little picture for you.  Typically, late on Sunday I put together Monday’s post.  I spend some time taking some photos, and maybe even put together a video or two in preparation of the week.  My job keeps me busy during the day, and while I have some time at night to put together a post, Sunday evening is my time.

But last night.  I was at my desk, feet propped up on an open bin of Tomica Limited Vintage, trying to get motivated to do anything.  I just went to bed.

I woke up early and am currently at Starbucks writing this.  I took the day off from work and am going to spend it getting organized at home.  Because the Lamley office looks like this:

I like things organized.  I am happy when everything has a place.  I am not content until everything I pull out of place gets put back.  Yesterday I took on a Tomica Limited Vintage project, and I am not done.  So today I finish.

My Tomica Limited Vintage collection is one of my prized possessions in this hobby.  I order each new batch from Japan Booster (and a preorder option is coming soon), and as I have said numerous times, it is like Christmas each month when the package arrives from Japan.

But as much as I love these models, I haven’t given them their due on the Lamley Blog.  There was a time I featured them almost weekly, but I have sadly slowed down.  And that is a shame because I love these models more than ever.  Each new batch is better than the last.  As good as TLV’s are, they keep getting better and better.

It sounds dumb, but I like to give these models their due every time I post them on the blog.  I want to take a ton of photos, and want to write extensively about them.  Because of that I need to dedicate a lot of time to putting articles together.  Plus I need time to dig into the bin of TLV to get any older models I might want to include in the feature.  So it sounds stupid but because of the time I want to take on a TLV post, I never end up posting them because I don’t think I have the time.  Dumb, just dumb.

Tomica Limited Vintage needs a ton more coverage on Lamley.  I always say that Lamley is mainly about what I collect, and I definitely collect TLV.  So that changes now, and that is why I took on the project this weekend.

I needed a better way to access my TLV collection, and this Ikea piece is my solution:

I don’t save packaging for other models, but I do for TLV.  The boxes are perfect for storage, and they are supercool to boot.  But in the past I have stored the boxes in a large bin:

Actually three:

The bins are great for storage, but a full-on pain when I am trying to access the models.  So this Alex drawer set is my solution.  I am separating the models by TLV and TLV-Neo, and then by number.  That way I know what drawer houses what model.

The smaller boxes will be up top, and the larger boxes down below in the larger drawers.

I am super excited to have better access to these again, and it will most surely be reflected on the blog.  An Alfa feature is coming later this week, as well as a Skyline post, and damn, when those Supras arrive, look out.  So so so exciting.  Let me know what models you would like to see as well.

But for today, I’ve got to organize them.  It is tedious, and it takes time.

So let me work on this today.  So much good stuff coming…

7 Replies to “It’s Organization Day: Getting my Tomica Limited Vintage in order…”

  1. I so damn like this kind of posts and photos of these kinf of mess.
    Actually I would like to see each of theses cars featured.
    But why not to start with a retrospective of the Nissan Cedric ? TLV has done so many models of different years and colors that this feature should be cool.
    At least, that's what i'm trying to do on my display – with my last purchase at JapanBooster lately.
    Also, an idea could be a battle against Cedric and Gloria (pretty much the same, interesting comparisons).

  2. Neat and organized? I gave up on this years ago. To add to this my wife asked me the other day, whats the point if they are put away? Just to say you have all these models? Now I want to take this as put them all on display, but I know she means, get rid of a bunch of it. I hate it when she makes sense.

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