The UCC x Mercedes Set is now available for presale at the brand new…

This is some exciting news.

(UPDATE: 20 more sets have been added: UCC x Mercedes at Japan Booster)

Over the next few weeks, our good friends at Japan Booster will roll out the brand new, and this will open a lot of doors for you and I to expand our collections.

Japan Booster has been a partner with Lamley since the very early days, and I think most of you would agree that they are one of the best sources for Japanese brands like Tomica Limited Vintage and Kyosho.  And until now these items have only been available through eBay.

The eBay store isn’t going anywhere, but now the new will allow Japan Booster to expand in new ways.  More details are coming soon, and I think many of you will be excited about the expansion, but for now let’s focus on the UCC Coffee Mercedes set.

The new will now offer presales.  This is great news for those of you who go looking for the latest set of cars from Japan, only to see it is sold out.  Now you can preorder and guarantee the set will come your way.

The first of these is the UCC x Mercedes set.  The last two UCC Skylines sets have been immensely popular, and sold out quickly everywhere.  This one will too.  The great news is Japan Booster is now allowing you bypass that timing game by preordering.  You can find the preorder listing here:

UCC x Mercedes at Japan Booster

There will be more presales in the future with TLV and other brands, so stay tuned.  In meantime, go get your Mercedes…

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