The Hot Wheels Gran Turismo Series is out in the UK, and it’s a stunner…

Let’s be honest.  I LOVE seeing our friends in other countries get series before US collectors.  There is no doubt, that between Zamacs, Kdays, Target season cards and a plethora of premium lines from both the blue and orange brands, US collectors have it pretty good.

So I was thrilled to see the Japan Historics hit first in Canada, the BMW series in Germany, and now Gran Turismo in the UK.

Several collectors in the UK have reported finding the line at Asda stores, and one of them, James Yeung (@jckyphotography on Instagram), was kind enough to share photos.

I am not a gamer, so I am not too familiar with Gran Turismo or Forza, but I know enough to know that Hot Wheels partnering with them is a no-brainer.  Both games seem to be more about the cars than the video game world, and a tie-in with Hot Wheels is perfect.  Many of us collect because of our love of cars, and I would say that is the same for many GT and Forza nerds – I mean enthusiasts.

It seems then that this new Gran Turismo set, which I assume will be a Walmart exclusive assortment in the US, will be wildly popular.  Seeing what has happened on eBay is already proof.

Anyway, one of these days I will have the models in hand for a DLM showcase, but in the meantime, ogle over the fantastic models and tremendous card art.  So cool…

(Thanks James.)

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  1. SWEEET! COOOL! AWESOME! I bet a Ferrari would have been in there if they stayed on board. Hate it that Ferrari is no longer with HW's.

    This set is pretty cool and can't wait to get. Some choices are well deserved, some are as usual, but a couple leave me wondering why?

    UK folk should be ecstatic.

  2. Thank you for the heads up – went straight to my local Asda – and there they were, hanging next to the BMW series – plus 3.0 CSL, white Aston, silver Outlaw etc…I can't quite believe it – we are up to date, if not ahead vs the Walmarts…this is a first! And what a wonderfully globalised world it is, when we get prompted by Utah to pop around the corner to our local supermarket in rural Devon – many thousands of miles away…

  3. I love this set! But I think that the model choice could have been better. I'm still going to try hard to acquire this set! Wish me luck.

    Also, please do those first looks soon! I can't wait for those either.

  4. A nice set but likely only 1 or 2 will come home, the Pagani and maybe the Jag just out of nostalgia.

    The choices are a bit different but I too wonder what the set would have looked like if Ferrari hadn't gone away. I bet the XJ220 wouldn't be there.

  5. I've been a Gran Turismo fan since GT2 came out, so this may be this first time I buy a complete set of a Hot Wheels line. Very nice! That Ford GT is a iconic car in the series.

  6. I am very excited about this set, more so than any other sets to be released this year. Even as a Euro fanboy, I will admit that this set is a bit light on JDMs, didn't need 2 Lambos, could have included an NSX and/or a Supra as well. It should be a hit indeed. I have nothing bad to say about it (aside from the lack of JDMs).

  7. that is so true. I first learned about JDMs by playing GT2 as a teen…a bit like how kids learn about 18 speed manual tranmissions watching the Fast & Furious franchise today, LOL 😉

  8. John, I am not (or no longer) a gamer either, but I will say one thing: Gran Turismo > Forza, in a similar way that Matchbox > Hot Wheels…more realism So I'm very excited about this set and I agree with all the comments above.

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