Hot Wheels surprises everyone with the Dekotora-inspired Galactic Express…

Don’t you love surprises?  No sneak peeks, no leaked photos, no hints at all.  One day last week a few collectors walked into various Walmarts and found a brand new Hot Wheels truck hanging on the pegs.  Most of us pay little attention to the trucks, but this one was definitely different.  And for those in the know, like my friend Jay Kho, it was a monumental find.  And a bloody cool surprise from Hot Wheels.  Jay, a DR30 Skyline owner who is well-versed in all things Japanese Auto Culture, will take it from here:

(Thanks Jay.)

This might come as a shock.  

For some, the shock might be as to why some of us are super excited about was essentially a fantasy truck with a fantasy car.  For others, the shock is most definitely that this model actually exists – when it first hit most of my friends thought it was fake – a combination of Japanese car culture flowing out of the wazoo brought to you by Hotwheels! 

I was lucky enough to get this on an early morning stop at Walmart.  I wasn’t there first, as there was a guy going through the pegs already, but he couldn’t care less at what got me so excited.

These over-the-top, flamboyantly dressed models look like they were designed for a comic book. These are not anything new in Japan.  Much like the Mad Manga, which is based on the Bosozoku, the truck in this set is based on a Dekotora, which is translated and abbreviated as decoration truck.  They have been rolling on the road and have their own cult following in car shows. 

This is not a fad folks, as people in Japan have been decorating their trucks since the mid-70’s and it’s just gotten bigger and bigger ever since, literally and figuratively.  Trucks are decorated with anything shiny and anything bright, with added extra body panels, a painted trailer with Japanese pop culture or pretty much anything they want.  The endgame is an over-the-top, eye grabbing, attention seeking, bling-blinging Dekotora.

Here, take a look at Mike from Speedhunters stopping by at a shop solely for these huge shiny trucks.

A Peek Into The Magical World Of Dekotora

You can marvel at the attention to detail too.  The great wave of kanagawa is present on the trailer, and using the First Edition Mad Manga fits perfectly as well.  It is by far the most true bosozoku Hot Wheels has done.

Some of you may not buy into it or even ask why, and I don’t blame you.  We actually have a somewhat smaller version in Philippines called Jeepney, but that’s a different topic.  Because of that, I totally get this and I’m beyond hyped that Hot Wheels decided to create and combine this two together.  I mean come on!  A Bosozoku on top of a Dekatora…WHAT?! 

So if you decide that this is not for you that’s ok you can leave it for the next guy.  Or you can pick it up and gift it to a friend who may be into some Nihon steel.  But beware, you might want to step back and cover yourself with a plastic tarp because his head might explode from the sheer awesomeness of the Galactic Express! 

16 Replies to “Hot Wheels surprises everyone with the Dekotora-inspired Galactic Express…”

  1. I was doing my early Saturday Morning hunt when I spotted this. I have never bought one of these trucks before but this one had everything; Mad Manga is one of my favorite HW castings, and I am really into Bosozoku and Dekotora, also, my favorite color is purple…so I had to get it!

  2. Awesome idea. Matchbox RWR were some of the coolest models of the past few years, popular too. I guess that's too boring for Hot Wheels or something.

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  4. I couldn't believe it but I just scored one at my local Walmart. I noticed something rattling inside only to find a packaging error, one car on top of the truck, AND ONE INSIDE!!!!! Anyone know anything about this?

  5. Saw it and knew immediately that there was something about this work of Art,so im going back to get the other two before they are found and i can make the set. Just had a hunch,so looks like my instinct was right! nice work guys!

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