Hot Wheels previewed some stunners at the Nationals Convention this weekend…

Indianapolis was the place to be this last week.  Hot Wheels held its annual Nationals Convention there, and the buzz has started to spider off all over.

I attended Nationals last year in Lexington, Kentucky and had a blast.  The room-trading is a sight to behold, and having attended the LA Convention as well, I can say Nationals is on another level.  I saw 5-figure deals go down multiple times, and saw models I never knew existed.  I went certain I would not buy anything.  I left having to ship boxes home.  Yeah, it’s that crazy.

I was hoping to attend this year, but a week-long work meeting squashed that.  Having heard from a few of you, it sounds like this year’s event was stellar as well.  While the friendships end up being the part you remember from these events, many attend at first to get the exclusive models and get a preview from Mattel of what is to come.

The models didn’t disappoint, and I will showcase a couple in a few days once I get them.  The other big news came from the Mattel presentation on Saturday night.

Mattel previewed upcoming models from several lines.  Many in attendance have shared photos, and I have a couple of my favorites.  I won’t show all, as I am sure Mattel will be posting the images on soon, but here are a couple that got my attention:

Ford GT Super Treasure Hunt

I don’t know for sure, but I think this is the first time a New Model has also debuted as a Super TH.  The Toyota 2000GT hadn’t been released before, but it technically was not a New Model in the basic range.  The Ford GT is, and it looks stellar.  Grey GT wheels and the new signature blue that Ford has been running with.  There have been a lot of good Supers this year, but this may be the must-have.

Even more interesting is the casting itself.  Large rear wheels, but every GT casting has had those, and it doesn’t look to take away from the casting and overall look.  Stance and detail look good too.  I can’t wait to have this one in hand, Super or basic.

’73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car recolor

Of course this is one I would show.  I have said enough about the model, and made it pretty clear that this is my favorite model from Hot Wheels this year.  So a recolor is most welcome, and it is fantastic in black.  Is it too much to ask for a zamac as well?  Maybe I am too greedy.

Car Culture Trucks Subaru BRAT

The Ford GT is going to be the most talked about, and the CSL is a fave, but this image brought me the most joy.  I have liked the BRAT casting since it debuted, but haven’t gotten too excited about the colors and decos used.  The Boulevard has been the best so far, but who cares now?  Because the BRAT in the Car Culture Trucks series looks to be just about perfect.

Black on grey with grey rims.  Of course the “BRAT” on the B pillar as well.  Simple and stunning.  And how great is that artwork?  I love that the trucks are moving away from us, heading to their destination, which I don’t know if I have seen before on card art.  Japan Historics is all the rage, but these upcoming lines will be just as great.

There was a lot more, including new models like the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and Ford Focus RS, as well as more Car Culture, RLC, and other lines.  We will get deeper into the RLC stuff in an upcoming post.  There is no denying Hot Wheels has been on a tear lately, and it looks like they are nowhere close to stopping…

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  1. Hmm… not sure how I feel about the aero tunnel on the GT not being body-coloured… You'd think that after all the trouble they went through to create that complex casting they would've made it possible to paint the tunnels the same colour as the main body.

    Oops! Double comment

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