Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2016 Matchbox E Case…

So the big word this year for Matchbox, outside of the standard “distribution”, “plastic”, and “realism”, is becoming “assortment”.

The cases have gone to 24, and with such a small number of models, how many of each really matters.  If the model that will undoubtedly be the most popular is only one per case, they could be that much tougher to find.

We have seen this especially with the last two cases.  Here is the third, an E Case.  There are some really nice models in here, so let’s see how many of each there are.


(And remember, if these are hard to get in stores, you can always get a case from A&J Toys, where this one came from…)

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  1. The Hazard Squad returning to a metal body is great news. Well done Matchbox! Now you just need to change the cab on the Ford ambulance back to metal. Also excited to see the return of the Aqua King – another great generic model. Unfortunately, there is still some horrible stuff being put out by Matchbox such as the new Tilt N Tip truck – that cab is just awful. Why couldn't it have a nice generic cab such as the one on the utility tanker or the Aqua King? Matchbox needs to realize that kids like realism too! I don't have a problem with there being two helicopters in the case as they are likely to appeal to kids who sometimes want to pick up something different from a truck or a car.

  2. Before you get too upset about the inclusion of two Swamp Commanders, make sure you're familiar with the Aquada by Gibbs Sports Amphibians (I think they were called Gibbs Tech when they released that vehicle). It sure looks like a licensed vehicle to me, especially when you consider that their main patent involves the way that the wheels fold out of the way for a good planing surface.

    On a similar note, despite the cartoonish appearance of the Spark Arrestor, that one is definitely a licensed vehicle: look up the Amatoya Fire Recon Vehicle, and while you're there notice the Ford emblem on it. That doesn't mean I like this casting (and the red windshield didn't do it any favors), but it certainly is based on a real [one-off] vehicle. Recall that at the last Matchbox Gathering, they mentioned that they would be making a “Spark Fire Truck loosely based around a Ford Concept vehicle”. This is it.

    This raises another question for me: why doesn't Matchbox call attention to the licenses they've gone to so much trouble to acquire? Why give a licensed vehicle a generic name, especially when it's an obscure vehicle that won't immediately be recognized? If kids want it based on appearance, they won't be stopped by a real name, but Matchbox might snag some collectors who would be more interested to learn about a real vehicle.

  3. Matchbox has made some very realistic “Matchbox Originals,” as you pointed out with the Hazard Squad. Other good examples include the Pit King, Aqua King, Quarry King, Rapids Rescue, Cliff Hanger, Sahara Survivor, Jungle Crawler, and lots more that I could name. They know how to do it, they just don't always choose to.

    I hope they switch the Sahara Survivor back to a metal body. The switch to plastic on that one really made me sad.

  4. Ok well, I actually like this case except for a few. The Charger should of been a double in this case also. It seems their doubling up on the new models which I get but it is going to defeat the purpose imo. If they don't sell you still have peg warmers. The truck with the tipping action is a nice concept but that cab is hideous. The aqua king is a prime example of how well a generic can be great. I was talking to a friend on Instagram from Ohio and they are now seeing the return of MBX to Target there and the cases actually have less of the generics. Not sure what case it was but it had the Black policw Charger as well as the white police Explorer and the Tesla. I have been very critical I admit it. I'm on the front line fighting for the brand to survive. So I believe that gives me the entitlement to be. My patients are a bit freyed when waiting and hearing the doubts. I know people that count check into Lamley so that is why I criticize here. I'm glad in the video you mention the stuff they need to change because I feel we have the same concerns regarding the come back of MBX. Distrubution is still a big concern and 24ct cases may add to the frustration. If their sending one case at a time, then if the case sells out with more and more exceptional models coming then we will be waiting on restocking or fighting to find models because they will disappear faster. It's nice just to be able to get on and see that the cases are gradually changing for the better. All and all this seems like a test period for MBX. Mattel is going along but just don't seem committed to me. The change from plastic back to metal is a great sign for sure. Well I hope I can post more positivity on future posts.

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