Coffee lovers unite: UCC Japan unveils their latest Premium Collection…

Oh the value of a morning cup of joe.

A little pick-me-up, some time to reflect on the day to come, and in Japan, a way to get some kick-ass diecast cars.

The UCC Coffee company in Japan has just unveiled its third Premium Collection of 5 diecast models that will be sold exclusively with cans of coffee.  The first two were Skyline sets, and now UCC has jumped all the way to Germany with a Mercedes set.

If these models are anything like the two Skyline sets, and the photos show that they most likely are, those that get a set will not be disappointed.  The models are Kyosho-esque in quality and detail.  Also, UCC has done a great job of picking models from different eras, just like they did with the Skylines.  The 300SL looks amazing, but my guess is many of us, including me, will gravitate towards 190E.

Of course, coffee drinkers in Japan have first dibs on these, but our friends at Japan Booster will also have a limited number once the set is released on April 19th.  Stay tuned to Lamley, and we will put up a link as soon as they are available for sale.