It’s April First! So what is the best 2016 Hot Wheels New Model so far?

Fooled you!  No April Fools jokes today…

But April 1st does mean the unofficial mid-point of the Hot Wheels year.  Thinking that Batch A of each year arrived around October, this is 6 months.  So why not take a break from eating vomit-flavored jelly beans or scaring your friends with whatever shenanigans and vote for your favorite Hot Wheels New Model so far.

Of course I am not listing them all.  I went only for licensed models of cars.  So you Shark Bite and Batmobile fans, sorry about that.  But hopefully the licensed models here will suffice for most of you.

Just look at the list and the pics.  Picking one is not easy at all.  The new models so far are a great representation of all kinds of cars, new and old.  All kinds of car scenes as well.  Some have been pleasant surprises, while others have stood up to the hype their unveilings created.  To me there hasn’t been a stand-out disappointment like the up-slopes of last year.  There was been some interesting innovations as well.

So what is the best of 2016 so far?  Vote in the poll below after taking a look at the pics below that.  We can see how these stack up against the Lamley Awards at the end of the year.  Have fun…

(UPDATE: I guess I was the April Fool.  When I posted the poll last night I forgot to add the Renault.  So the Renault has been added and the results reset.  If you voted before 6 am Pacific Time, it was deleted, so go ahead and vote again.  Sorry about that.)

What is the Best Hot Wheels Licensed New Model of 2016 so far?

’72 Chevy Luv

’63 Chevy II

Nissan Fairlady Z

Porsche 356A Outlaw

’15 Dodge Charger SRT

’17 Ford F-150 Raptor

2005 Ford Mustang

Custom ’01 Acura Integra GSR

Aston Martin DB10

Renault Sport R.S. 01

’17 Acura NSX

Ford Shelby GT350R

’75 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car

Honda Monkey Z50

31 Replies to “It’s April First! So what is the best 2016 Hot Wheels New Model so far?”

  1. Do new releases in Car Culture count? Because I'd choose the Mazda RX-3 from Japan Historics, a brand new casting with a metal body and a metal chassis (for now, I know the chassis will almost certainly go plastic whenever it gets a mainline release).

  2. Bimmer CSL, but if I can vote twice, I also choose the Renault. The car we most expected to be awful turned out to be one damn-accurate cast. I feel sorry for those who wrote it off, then proceed to guffaw like Richard Hammond.

    BTW, has anyone tried disassembling the SEMA Mustang? Maybe that magic front can be installed on the C7.R and Aston Vantage GT3?

  3. Renault or 3.0 CSL (although I haven't seen that one in person yet). The NSX, GT350R and Fairlady are all strong contender… As for the 356, I got 3 of them, all with imperfect tempos, so nice casting, but garbage on the execution.

  4. For me, its the 3.0 CSL. Not only is it a superb casting, but the livery HW chose is also perfect. It glows bright among other cars, similar to how the the real car did in 1973. The Shelby 350R, Porsche 356 and Renault RS are also excellent but not 'nearly' as good as the CSL.

    When is the full showcase for the BMW coming? Been waiting for a few days now (yes I'm impatient).

  5. '75 BMW 3.0 CSL!!! The Shelby GT350R would have been close competition for the BMW if it had the white w/blue stripe package!
    The '05 Stang and the Porsche are nice options as well!

  6. It would have to be the BMW CSL. I like the Monkey (as a fan of the actual motorcycle), but HW cannot do motorcycles well as the wheels are too fat and the proportions are off, except on all but a handful of bikes.

  7. The Luv is a true Hot Wheel with color and chrome and stance and I have a bunch of them including the Red which isn't a patch on the Yellow. What's up with the BMW CSL's windshield, very funky and ruins it for me. Have yet to find a GT350R. The Renault new to me , so I'm ambivalent about it as I am with the NSX. The Outlaw Porsche looks more like a 356B to me and is kind of a let down now i have a couple. Being a Monkey Honda 50 owner, I find this new model to be so inaccurate and distorted. I will buy some if i find them though. I do like the Novas but the tampos are of such low quality these days you can never find one that is not damaged. The remainder are so-so. Thank you Lamley for your excellent work.

  8. I love the Integra, the Outlaw and the GT350R..All of them are amazing castings..Also the Renault. It is beautiful. But this CSL model is in a league of its own..
    It has such a brutal racing history…

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