Yippee! Another box of classic Matchbox arrived from MoyShop in Germany…

I have mentioned it a couple of times here that our esteemed Matchbox Ambassador, Dirk Schleuer, runs a Matchbox specialty shop in Germany.  He specializes in all kinds of Matchbox, including his favorites, the Models of Yesteryear.  Hence the name, MoyShop.

Models of Yesteryear aren’t my gig, but thankfully Dirk stocks all kinds of other Matchbox, including many from the “Last Golden Era” that I am all goofy about.  In the early to mid-2000’s, Matchbox did a large number of Europe- or “Rest of World”-only models and series.  Some were part of the basic range, and there were other Europe-only series like “Stars of Germany” (later “Stars of Cars”) and “Euro Edition”.

Many of these models are getting harder and harder to find, but Dirk has a knack for acquiring them.  And I have a knack for buying them from him.  The latest box just arrived, and it is a mix of basics I needed, along with a few European exclusives.

How about a little photo parcel report?

Cool eh?  All models I have had my eye on, and I am especially excited about the European exclusives.  You can probably also tell my Mercedes kick continues.

The E Class models (sedan and wagon) and the G Wagon are the models I am happiest to have.  The E Class sedan was a severely underused casting, but a nice one for sure.  There have been a couple of Taxi versions, including one in the Superfast line.  This SoG version is one I have wanted for awhile. Same with the Polizei Wagon.  It is very similar to a later “Stars of Cars” version, but different enough, as you see in the photos below.

The G Wagon?  Bloody cool.  I don’t have a lot of hope that the G Wagon can return to the lineup now that Mercedes is back, mainly because of the 4-part rule.  So I have wanted to procure a couple of versions from the past that look good.  Unfortunately there are not many from the Mattel era.  This version from the Euro Edition line is by far the best.  I now have it (plus one for a friend).

Oh why not?  Pics in the Lamley studio:

Many many thanks to Dirk and MoyShop.  You should definitely check out his store for yourself

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  1. Moyshop has a great assortment but is expensive. Here is an inside tip.
    Check out Matchbox.box.nl
    A lot of older models are still to get there. My personal favourite is the BMW dealset that I bought there.
    They are very reliable!

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