The Ultimate DLM: Setting free some valuable Hot Wheels Ferrari Racers…

First off, yes I did.  Second, a warning:

This is not for the faint of heart.  Viewer discretion is most surely advised.

I have promised that this would happen, and it did this last weekend.  A few weeks ago I started a series on some of the great Hot Wheels Ferrari castings, and in typical fashion, it sent me into a deep dark hole looking for Ferraris I didn’t have but wanted.

And with the Ferrari license at Hot Wheels on hold, I can only assume that now is the time to grab what I want, because prices are not going to go down.  So if it was a model I wanted, and the price was higher than I wanted, I still needed to bite.  So I did.  More than I should have.

Almost all were Ferrari Racers, the premium series Hot Wheels created in 2007 and 2008.  All of the models sat on co-mold wheels, and the decos were mostly racing style and very well done.  Collecting all was very hard, mainly because some of the Racers were sold at Toys R Us in the US and others sold in overseas markets.  I don’t want them all, and now I think I have most that I want.

(Find the Ferrari Racers on eBay…)

Well, all of my binge buying models have arrived, and a horror show commenced a few days ago.  A severe DLM’ing as it were.  (DLM – Diecast Liberation Movement for the newer folks).  Thankfully, I recorded it.  I had a lot of fun.  Some of you watching this won’t.

Enter at your own risk.  Just know you are going to see not only some of the best Ferraris that Hot Wheels has ever done, but some of the best overall models ever done.


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17 Replies to “The Ultimate DLM: Setting free some valuable Hot Wheels Ferrari Racers…”

  1. The co-mold wheels are two piece plastic wheels that are actually fused together.

    The 360 Modena debuted in 1999 as a “First Edition”. Yea, it had been around a while, lol.

    You are correct with the 288 GTO, HW never did the co-mold wheels in a wide version. There were a few Speed Machines that suffered from that as well.

  2. Hey, I let most of my Ferrari Racers out, just because I enjoy looking at them and taking pictures of them. As much as I want to retain as much value of them as possible, taking pictures of them in the packages don't do them justice, obviously. And besides, there's not a lot of things that are more photogenic than Ferraris.

  3. Great video, I always loved this series. The 430 Scuderia in the debut deco was indeed available at TRU. I bought 2 at my local one in california, then bought like 5 more when the cars hung on the pegs forever. I ended up buying up tons of this series because no one else was. They really weren't popular around here.

  4. Yeah.. i had to scoop up a couple as well.. and some of the Speed Machine cars as well. Wish HW's would bring back the SM series again. There would be so many more cars to do and maybe since Mercedes is coming back to Mattel.. maybe??!!
    I doubt they'll even produce another Ferrari Racer series again, even if HW's got back with Ferrari. Just dreamin' !!!

  5. After watching the video, all I was left with was this nagging feeling that had Ferrari and Mattel lasted long enough, we would have gotten another Ferrari co-mold or Boulevard-style series.

    FF, 458 (Challenge and Spider), F12 (plus TRS, SP America and F60 America drop-top), 458 Speciale (and Aperta), 458 GT2, LaFerrari, FXX K, 488 (and Spider), 488 GTE, F12tdf, GTC4 Lusso, and probably an F1 car or three, one of which is based on the 2015-spec car.

    I'd absolutely sabotage May Cheong Group's operations just to get Ferrari to partner up with Mattel again.

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