The latest Hot Wheels Porsche 356A: Outlaw beats Outlaw…

Honestly, I am still surprised this model even exists.

Much like the 1963 Aston Martin DB5, the Hot Wheels Porsche 356A Outlaw was a complete, but most welcome, surprise.  Great model choice, great execution.  And a very sharp debut in black:

An easy candidate for model of the year, this Porsche.  The casting is near-flawless, with its front and rear details and perfect stance.  And the black is sharp, especially with the gold and red trim.  Of course, being a Matchbox guy, the deco is a little busy for me, and those wheels just don’t work.  Hot Wheels probably doesn’t have a great wheel option for this model, but Matchbox does, as customizer @philiphilip on Instagram has shown with his stunning 356A customs (2 of my favorites this year):

But alas, those are customs, and this is a Hot Wheels.

Enter the recolor.  The black version was nice, the grey version is super-nice.  As far as Hot Wheels basic wheels go, the best choice, and a color to show off the greatness of the casting as well.  I don’t even mind the deco as much.

This model has a VERY bright future.  I cannot wait to see what other designs this model will get.  Hopefully some deco-less versions to mirror the real Outlaws.  Just think what a premium version would look like.

We are off to a good start.  This is a model that definitely falls into my “Hot Wheels Completist” section of my collection.  Every version of this casting gets a spot.  We will see if any future versions trump the latest version…

(Find the 356A Outlaw in Hot Wheels 2016 Batch H…)

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  1. As the owner of a '65 356C, I just can't get excited about this model. The casting looks fairly good, but as with a lot of Mattel offerings, the details are all off. The wheels are a poor choice. The graphics are not what one would see on an outlaw. I've spent some time at the Emory's shop when they were in McMinnville. Gary Emory started the outlaw thing, and still is active in the scene while his son Rod now runs a shop in California. They get their inspiration from the era the cars were new and racing for their creativity. These Hotwheels really miss the mark with their more contemporary graphics, which is a shame.

  2. I agree, the silver looks much better, but not ideal. Anybody know what happened to the Speedster that was supposed to be in the retro line last year?

  3. This has NFS Porsche Unleashed written on it from every angle. Everything is near perfect (after seeing the Mbx wheels, the HW wheels just don't cut it). Even the stripes and lettering is very reminiscent of what was in the game. Well done Hot Wheels! Well done!

  4. I guess one would have to wait and see if a premium model debuts that better enhances the attributes of a true outlaw model. I don't think you're going to get the aura of an Emory/Walker type vehicle for a buck. You have to wonder if HW's developed this just for collectors, and/or the kiddies.
    Idig what you're sayin'… i like to see more creative, life-like examples myself. I would have loved to have seen a Speedster version like it was planned in the first place… We'll have to wait and see!

  5. After seeing the silver version, i think i'm going to have to replace the black one from before. They should have started out this one out w/the silver 1st and then the black after.
    The lighter hue brings out more of the body sculpture and detail and the color combo works pretty well too.
    I wonder what it would look like if it also had the red interior??!! Wouldn't be cool if there was one out there with red appointments.. much like when the Cadillac Elmiraj had appeared with the grey interior in place of the tan?
    Now, will there be another outlaw version this year or is this it? Like to see alternative models, like in the links below:

    The MBX would be more fitting as i've seen from other customs, but the mini maglite (from the Italian Job Mini Cooper cars) would be awesome. My two cents!

  6. It should be know that the “Outlaw” here on this Hot Wheels casting refers to Magnus Walker, the “Urban Outlaw”. This livery is of his design, which is not the exact kind of “outlaw” that all Porsche guys know of.

  7. What is with Mattel? I've been looking continuously in my area bordering 50miles in each direction and still haven't foynd the black one. Before Christmas season you get a steady flow of realeases but after forget it! I don't get distribution with them at all. I still can not get single Matchbox in my Target's even after talking to managers. We do what you guys suggest but it seems somebody is not working with us. My gusee I'll have to find the black one some other way, the same thing I had to with the blue Escort and now the red. It's really getting more and frustrating. Maybe it is Just time to find a new hobby!

  8. I'm confused .. the examples released are obviously Magnus Walker licensed cars.. but wouldn't he have a say about what model vehicle would carry his name and logo? Why didn't HW's use a 911 casting for which MW is known for?

  9. Sure, he doesn't do 356s, but it has already been said: “Urban Outlaw” refers to him, and the design of this livery is done by him, like how he would have done if he had a 356 himself.

  10. Yeah, I never once saw the black one at the many Targets/Walmarts/TRUs I frequent very regularly but happened upon one at a supermarket. Interestingly enough, it was from an international batch! I didn't realize non-hobby stores bought international cases.

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