Did you see what Matchbox posted on Instagram? (Part 2)

Hopefully this will put some of your minds at ease:

On the heels of the Mercedes Benz news from Matchbox, their Instagram feed just produced more welcome developments.  Remember that #mymatchboxpegs project?  I promise it was impactful.

Most Targets in the US stopped carrying Matchbox singles a few months ago, and there is no doubt that stressed a few collectors out.  It is frustrating to see such a major retailer turn its back on the brand, but retail space is valuable, and Target had other plans.  Thankfully that is going to change.

Ultimately Target will stock Matchbox if they think it will sell.  It looks like they like what they are seeing from Matchbox.  I am, and I know many of you are as well.  I have made my comments on assortments, distribution has been a huge topic, but it starts with cool models people want to buy.  With models like the Jag F-Type, BMW M5 Police, Mazda MX-5, as well the Skyline coming, along with the return of Mercedes-Benz, there is a lot to be excited about.  In fact, take a look at the hashtags in the comment section.  That should give you a nice hint of where things are going.

Of course you might be somewhere where Target bringing Matchbox back has little impact on you.  I understand that, but hopefully this is a sign that things are being addressed.  It takes time.  Matchbox is doing what it can on its end, and you can do things too.  Talk to your retailers.  Tell them you want Matchbox stocked.  It’s a good start for retailers to know there are people that will buy.

More news is bound to come.  It is a very good time to be a Matchbox collector…

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  1. Oh look, focusing on the US&A again……………………….

    Just ridiculous – a good time to be a MB collector? Not if you live outside the US&A.

  2. I would have thought that effort should have been in getting Toys R US back, they are worldwide, and would sell lots in the UK to name just the one country, but them it seems like all this waffle about getting the distribution sorted is just that, waffle – they have had lots of time to get any number of toy chains, Supermarket Chains, or even online in Europe, but then it seems as though the Insular world of the USA is just that – they believe that there is not anything other that those United States, well, you are wrong, and if i were a stock holder in Mattel, i would issue a vote of no confidence in the depts that are responsible for NOT getting the items for sale in other markets.

  3. That is something I am not sure was addressed with the Mymatchboxpegs project. As a purist, I am staggered the EU is not represented as MBX was born in England. Hopefully that will change for collectors outside of America.

  4. That is something I am not sure was addressed with the Mymatchboxpegs project. As a purist, I am staggered the EU is not represented as MBX was born in England. Hopefully that will change for collectors outside of America.

  5. I look forward to the lineup. Unfortunately the newer castings are showing up as a slow drip. My stores still have 2 year old peg warmers. While other brands find their way to clearance shelves, MBX does not. It is unfortunate. Thankfully your blog helps to remind me how wonderful the line was just a few short years ago. Cant wait to see itas return.

  6. I'm happy to see Matchbox is going to be stocked by Target again as it shows the brand is fighting its way back. Not that it helps me as I live in Thailand where Matchbox hasn't been available since 2013. I agree that Mattel needs to pull out all the stops to get Toys R Us to carry the brand in its overseas stores. I've contacted Toys R Us Thailand and Toys R Us Hong Kong (regional HQ) to request the stocking of Matchbox. I did receive a polite reply but I don't hold out much hope. I'm still baffled why Matchbox just disappeared completely from Asia a few years ago with the odd exception of Bali. Have you got an answer Mattel?

  7. Even getting Toys R Us international stores to agree to carry Matchbox 5 packs and/or 9/10 packs would be warmly welcomed in those countries which currently have no Matchbox available at all.

  8. The recent Matchbox case report and Lamley video offer very little hope. If Matchbox returns to Target's shelves with that assortment, for example, the 2-3 licensed models will be gone instantly, and the remainder will sit. on. the. shelves. indefinitely. And maybe they fix the assortments eventually…? But we'll never see it. I suppose I can look forward to buying the licensed models with a 500-800+% markup from sponsors on ebay and $4 shipping. Yee-haw.

    Mattel's strategy needs to be 1. Fix the assortments. 2. Fix retail/distribution. If they attack this the other way around, they'll simply confirm to retailers that MBX doesn't sell and should be granted less shelf space.

  9. Hot Wheels is an in-house creation. Matchbox is not. Mattel acquired Matchbox when they bought Tyco Toys just for Tyco's Remote Control and slot car lines back in 1997 when those items were hot. I have to give all the Matchbox teams since the John Coyne/Felix Holst teams of 2004-forward to fighting to keep Matchbox relevant, especially since Mattel lets it be known that Hot Wheels is a top priority. This would be a good time to let Mattel know how everybody feels about Matchbox and that the brand could use some corporate support worldwide. There is a reason why the contact information is printed on the package. Use it.

  10. That contact info, also the code on every car, is an address in the Netherlands. Guess where distribution for Matchbox AND Hot Wheels socks?
    Anyway, glad they got back in Target and hopefully more stores will follow! They can't win them all back in one go, so be patient my friends.

  11. I give up with even collecting Matchbox anymore in England as mattel are obviously not bothered about selling its Matchbox brand here in the UK anymore as everything seems to revolve around selling in the USA only whihc is ridiculous. Tesco have recently dropped the brand in favour of Majorette which i am really pleased about. I have picked up some very nice castings which have opening doors/etc and much more detail and guess what? Their all licenced! If Majorette can do it then Mattel should be too.

  12. Careful – the Lamley Blog doe not approve of Majorette castings as they are infinitely better than then crap Mattel produce……………..

  13. Like I had mentioned in a previous post, there is only one decent store selling updated versions of MBX vehicles and the true to life models don't hang long. As a matter of fact, just about any store that carries MBX sells out of the licensed models over the unrealistic dust collectors.
    A lot of stores here in the Balto. metro area are SLOW to stock shelves of tasty new castings just waiting to be grabbed from the pegs. The ones left behind are ALWAYS unlicensed vehicles.. ALWAYS. It's strange to admit but sometimes I grab the licensed models of the shelf whether I like them or not, mainly because they the licensed vehicles are just so damned SCARCE. But sometimes after having them in possession for a few days, I may not want some of the 'unwanted' cars and return them back to the store anyhow.
    I truly feel for the folks abroad who can't get them as easily as us folk here in the land of the free. If they do get the ones they want.. they sometimes pay dearly for them. Some won't pay and can't afford and I can't blame them for their anger!

    Funny how MBX cars were originally produced in England and there is a history with MBX tied to it's origins. But now those who reside there and want MBX products, can't get them. Sad!

  14. We dont get Matchbox, what is there to get – the brand is not available much outside of the USA, we get that, they releases sets, like the Best of, they are not available outside the USA, we get that, the last few stores that DID sell them, now don't, we get that, we have asked time and again for Mattel to get the brand back into stores, but they are not, we get that, their greed means no one will stock Matchbox, we get that, so do tell, what is there that we do not get, because from where i am sitting, the only thing we do not get, is the product……. and to say that we don't get it, because we get Norev, Majorette and so on, is a pathetic argument, Matchbox is a once great British brand that is being destroyed slowly by the lack of availability, we get that too.

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