I don’t need to tell you why the Dodge Charger Pursuit is one of Matchbox’s best. The photos will do that…

I am not going to say much.

For one, I am in the middle of marathon meetings for work in Florida.  That means early mornings and late nights, with little time to write about toy cars.

Thankfully I don’t need to.  Before I left, I took photos of the latest version of the Dodge Charger Pursuit from Matchbox.  I decided to snap some pics of all the previous versions as well.  Looking at the photos, I don’t need to do much writing.

You may think I am bragging about my photos.  They are nice, but it is subject of the photos I am talking about.  It isn’t a cool classic car, or the upcoming Miata, VW Transporter, or Nissan Skyline.  It is a model that has been out a few years, and is a replica of a vehicle you see on the roads all the time, at least here in the US.  It isn’t a car that makes you do a double take, well of course unless you are speeding.

It is police car.  A common police car.  But the casting is near-perfect.  I can get into it, with its mix of sportiness and utility, but I won’t.  You can.  Seven versions in and we still haven’t seen a dud, and that includes the latest version, which is the first to not sport 5-spokes.

The favorite?  Look at the pics, and it is obvious.  The Albuquerque Police version, which was a Gathering Event model, is fantastic with full deco and livery.  The Boone County Sheriff version, with its simple livery (one of the members of the Boone County Sheriff Department, Keith Hoskins, is an avid Matchbox collector and a cool-as-hell dude) is a close second.

Fun facts?  The first version is the only with a separate roof light.  The second version on have a roof light that is part of the window piece.  Also, the K-9 Unit version, from a recent Mission Force set, is proving hard-to-find, at least around here.  I went to eBay for mine.

Nonetheless, the model is fantastic.  Photos prove it.  And I have officially written to much and I need to go to bed.  Nighty Night…

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  1. Indeed, it is a very nice model. Especially with the five spoke wheels. Those wheels are, in my opinion, the best in business. Put those wheels on every casting and I'm happy.
    About you bragging about your pictures, they are very fine, but. In some pictures I would have taken a smaller aperture to push the depth of field a little more. I think the kwarter side views would be a bit better.

    However, still liking the blog, your talk and pictures!

    Many regards from the Netherlands. 👍🏻🚗🚕🚓🚑🚙🚌🚐🚒🚔🚔🚍🚘🚖

  2. This quality, these kinds of castings are what should be littering cases. You knkow it I know it and many other collectors know it. I can not understand why Mattel has not realized it still after all this time? I posted on the case opening thread I would be positive and I was until I replied to a comment. I don't feel I was bashing them I am really just concerned. I love the hobby I spend hard earned money on the product so I feel I should be able to speak up when things don't seem right. They know they had to reduce case size because they are not selling. So what do they do, they flood cases with product that their biggest market is begging them to rid themselves of. I realize it takes time but really they could reduce case size in no time but they can not change product placement as quick? Something dose not make sense when it really is common sense! The hobby really takes me away from the every day grind but now it is all most as stressful as everyday life. Their market is not a child base anymore so I don't want to hear that line anymore. They either want this to succeed or they don't. I was on Instagram yesterday posting some good news I had received back from Target. However most of the comments I received back in reply was that MBX do not produce good models and they had no idea what is supposed to be coming. Now I am linked to Matchbox on Instagram but NONE of their posts come to me if I want to know anything I have to go to them. Instagram is free FREE advertising all they have to do is follow people back. That is how information gets shared. So please don't take my comments as distespect it is genuine concern with a dash of frustration…..

  3. A great car! But I caught a mistake. On the blue one, it has “state trooper” in the side and right under that is written smaller “MBX county”. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't a trooper patrol the state and a “sheriff” (county) patrol the county. If so then why would they have a trooper and a sheriff writen on one car… great cars though. One of my favs.

  4. The latest version is OK.. it doesn't grab me. Those 10 spokes should be blacked out. The K9 car is pretty cool esp. if you like silver as an option. Black wheels are nice against silver paint.
    The one to get would be the Albuquerque car w/it's f&r tampos, pushbar and classic black/white scheme. Just try finding a basic (not talking about the high end convention model).

  5. I see a flaw in the latest issue: The US flag on the right side of the car is backwards.

    According to protocol, the US flag is always to be hung with the blue rectangle containing the stars toward the pole. Thus, while the default position for the blue rectangle is the left, when the wind blows the flag to the left, the rectangle appears to be on the right.

    On vehicles and uniforms, the flag is to be depicted as if it were streaming in the wind as the vehicle or wearer moves forward, so on the right side of the car, the blue rectangle should be on the right, not the left. Here's an example from a US Army uniform: http://blog.collinsflags.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/dadads.jpg

    To Americans, this error should be very apparent.

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