That Cedric Stock Car though! The March batch of Tomica Limited Vintage is now out at Japan Booster…

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

Every monthly batch of Tomica Limited Vintage is different.  Each has its little charms.  Last month it was the 5th and 6th Alfa Romeo Juniors, as well as the 7th, 8th, and 9th Nissan GT-R’s.

This month?  More Vision Concepts (which I think are better as diecast vehicles than the real thing), more Nissan Leopards, two fantastic Skyline Police cars, and maybe the coolest stock car racer I have seen.

The Nissan Cedric doesn’t get a lot of people outside of Japan giddy, but it is a legendary sedan in Japan, and it wonderfully represented by Tomica Limited Vintage.  There are a ton of cool versions, from police cars to street sedans, to choose from.  But this stock car from from the Crazy Ken series may take the cake.  Signature racing colors, great deco, and that little hint of fun that all the Crazy Ken cars have.  They are collector faves in Japan, and here in the Lamley office as well.

Just now my 9-year-old daughter walked by, stopped when she saw the photo above, and commented on how cool that racing car is.  Don’t argue with my daughter.  She is always right.  You should get the Cedric.

And it is available right now at Japan Booster, in limited numbers:

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

But there are a lot more, starting with the Skyline Police cars:

I have made it no secret that I love collecting TLV.  Not only are the models amazing pieces of art, but they take you to a different era, and at least for me, to a different place.  A little glimpse of what life was in a different and in a different place.  No other other diecast company does it better.

On another note, this will be an exciting diecast month at Japan Booster.  Not only is the TLV March batch out, but in a few days they will make available the brand new Aoshima Grachan models, which will be released shortly.  We have featured these 1:64 models before, and the new set may be the best yet.  Stay tuned to Lamley, as we will get the word out as soon as they are listed.  They will go fast…

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  1. These are really nice I just cant afford to take on another brand right now. I like these over M2,AW & GL though. They seem to size up better with HWs & MBX. Maybe somewhere down the road.

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