Did you see what Matchbox just posted on Instagram?

This could be very significant.

More news is coming.  I would make sure you are following @matchboxworld on Instagram

What do you think?

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  1. Does it mean MBX has to put the special sticker on the card or did they win the fight over Mercedes and eliminate the sticker?

    Can't wait to see the models destined for production. Hopefully some classics, brand new castings as well as some favorite re-issues!


    Why has everyone else got this sorted and Mattel can only get their arse into gear now – and you are cheering this as a breakthrough?!

  3. This renewed partnership has likely only been sought after and negotiated wholeheartedly with Gerry Cody's team in place. While we've been “waiting” for this to get sorted out since the absence of Mercedes in the lineup since 2010, I would imagine that Felix was already moving on by 2010, so it wasn't his fight anymore. Then from 2011 to 2014, you had product managers that came and went with little positive impact. Gerry Cody took over in early 2015, and while his first lineups and projects won't hit until 2017, and he's technically acting as “caretaker” for 2015 and 2016 lineups that were already on the books, he has picked his battles and put his signature on 2015/2016 products where he could.

    Knowing all that, as I said, this is probably something Cody's team pushed to get negotiated. To have that license/partnership in place with Mercedes happen within a year's time of him taking over, and potentially swap out cars from the locked-down 2016 lineup to make room for Mercedes-Benz, that's a positive takeaway.


  4. I think the best compromise would be that Mattel has to charge a little more to make putting on the licensing sticker profitable, but the Mercedes-Benz's we get are premium quality. Or at least premium by Mattel standards, I'm not expecting Auto World.

  5. I wonder if that also means we can finally get some Mercedes-Benz in the Hot Wheels Entertainment line-up, like, for example, the red 1980 Mercedes-Benz 450SL from Beverly Hills Cop? The car that was literally on the poster for the movie, but, because of the licensing issues for Mercedes-Benz at the time, we only got Axel Foley's Chevy Nova (and an Olds 442 for the sequel).

  6. It'd be nice to see the unimog back in the range and what about a couple of classics a 230 SL pagoda and/or a 300SL gulling?

    Next problem – to actually see them on sale!


  7. Woo hoo! Hopefully, this means they put the Unimog, G-Wagen, and Actros castings that were out before this flap with Mercedes started. I'd also like to see a Sprinter, Arocs, Zetros, and current model Unimog, G-Wagen and Actros. I'd also like to see some of these outfitted as emergency vehicles as well.

  8. This is what I'm thinking as well. Being both are Mattel, I could see it as HW receiving the Mercedes license as well. Obviously, HW will likely be the sportier releases, MBX the more stock ones.

  9. Because Mattel isn't the only brand to fight them back on something that is extra and really shouldn't be needed, especially in a mass production setting.

    What other diecast brands are still making Mercedes?

  10. Actually, the last Ambassador report already gave the hint when Larry Scaduto said that Matchbox are accepting Mercedes cars request. If you were clever enough, you knew what that meant.

  11. They can bring as many real car brands into the fold as possible, but until they improve the quality (hint hint – raise the price, it's time!), I am not really interested. Today's Matchbox should be as well made – or better – than they were in the Lesney golden era of the late 1960s. It's 2016. There is no excuse.

  12. Not expecting Auto World??? You consider them to be that much of a premium. Mattel as already done the premium line bit, and at the time most HW customers were too damn cheap to shell out $10/car for a quality piece. But rather pay $20 for a TH on the secondary market instead.
    MB was expecting Matty to add a special MB hologram sticker to every basic line car. And that wasn't cost effective for a $1 car.

  13. This is excellent news as Mercedes and matchbox where always buddy buddy before the disagreement. I really hope that they make a Mercedes 600 or 600 pullman. im talking the w100 gen from 1963 to 1981. please make it happen matchbox. Please!!!!

  14. Maybe, maybe not. Remember, HW and Matchbox lost the Holden License in 2002 after Hot Wheels violated the agreement concerning the Holden Statesman police car. Matchbox got the license to produce the Holden Ute, but Hot Wheels did not.

  15. Maisto and Motor Max. Maisto produces an early-2000s S-class sedan and a late 80's-early 90s Mercedes tractor and Motor Max still offers a few S-Class with the sticker on the package. RMZ City, Siku and Minichamps do as well.

  16. And just to be clear, Matchbox is offering the Freightliner Fire Truck. Like Mercedes, it is owned by Daimler. That Freightliner was clearly the first hint that Mercedes was on the way back. I'm surprised nobody picked up on that.

  17. I think the quality control could be better though. Yes, they are for children but even as a kid I expected better quality. It actually bums you out when cars you buy always got chipped paint and the headlight and tail light graphics are off-center.

    At least MB still has reasonable quality compared to HW, I guess. Don't get me started on them.

  18. Matchbox were made for children in the 1960s and the 1970s, and the quality was great. Lesney put a lot of effort into evolving the brand with innovations. We got metal bases, separate interiors, working parts, and they were well made. Because of this, they were appealing to both children AND adult collectors.

  19. every brand that produces Mercedes ALL have the sticker, and some Ford products have them too, it is not an issue, well, not for any other brand, just Mattel are too greedy, that they refused to pay for the hologram at about 1p per 100 stickers….. heaven

  20. it must be cost effective, some products at less than a £1.00 have the hologram, they just have it set in stone that they make X amount per unit and refused to budge, seems, like they have now….

  21. More money for a sticker???? Are you serious? You can get hologram stickers made cheap as dirt especially if your getting them in bulk! I don't want hear that! It's great that this is getting done without a doubt but they don't need to raise the prices dramatically for a dam sticker! I really don't care if HWs gets them because MBX always did them better anyway. I just checked in and this suprised the hell out of me, very nice one though. I have to thank the guys at Lamley because I think them letting us post our opinions here may have helped this process, so thanks guys….

  22. Hot Wheels marketed a Holden Statesman police vehicle in the US market as a generic US police car, while branding it as a Holden in other markets. When Hot Wheels began issuing the Commodore SS in 2002, Holden found out what Hot Wheels had done, and wasn't too happy about it. By the time Hot Wheels began giving Holden credit for the vehicle (on the card, but not on the vehicle itself), the damage was done. That also caused Matchbox to lose its license for the previous generation Commodore and the FJ panel van, although Matchbox and Holden had a great working relationship. It wasn't until 2008 when Matchbox and Holden were able to mend their relationship and allow the Holden Ute to come to light. It was Hot Wheels' mishandling of the Holden deal that caused the breakup; Matchbox was caught up in it because both brands shared a single parent-Mattel. It makes you wonder what really happened between Hot Wheels and Ferrari. I think it was more than just a licensing issue. (Also, Mattel's relationship with Disney. Hasbro now has the Princess license; will Cars and Planes be next?)

  23. The Ford products definitely have the stickers. I noticed them on the 5-car packing on a new diecast brand at Dollar General. They are made by Playmind (most of the casting are form the old Yatming lines), and they have an email link to register for some Ford promotional. I haven't tried the link, yet.

  24. In that case, you have to put the blame on Tyco and later Mattel. Lesney was a small company, whose main focus was industrial electrical parts and supplies. Mattel is a large multinational conglomerate, whose main focus is making that dollar, no matter how many corners it cuts.

  25. Unfortunately quality comes with a price. I don't agree because the fact is these things are probably very inexpesive to make. I do agree they are made for children being the target but kids are less and less likely to be the actual consumer. This is great news and we should not be criticizing any of it. My only concern is distribution. We are waiting what seems forever for new models now but I'm not criticizing this. I have been hoping for this for a long time.

  26. It's not the cost of the holographic sticker so much as the cost of paying people to put them on each card, or at least that's the excuse I've heard given from Mattel.

  27. I would rather see NEW stuff, not recolours of old castings again, yes we had the SLS, SL, and so on, but that was then, this is now…

    You did a number of brilliant S-Class models of over the years, so a new version of that would be great.

    We have the Transit and Renault Master, so no to a van, what would be teh point.

    The new E-Class and C-Class just look like the S-Class so no to them, how about….

    CLS Wagon
    C-Class Coupe or new Cabrio
    AMG GT
    What about the GLA, GLS, GLC or GLE
    B-Class, it would be nice to have something not done before by other companies or something new.

    It will be great to have MB Back, and now they have at long last got their finger out and sorted out the issues, now they need to do the same and get Rolls Royce back too.

  28. They can get a machine to put them on, not a person, and if thats Mattels reason, then they are blowing hot air through their piehole…. there would be no way a human could produce hologram backed cards at the rate that they would need to produce sufficient stocks.

  29. Rolls-Royce will likely be a tougher case to crack. Since BMW took control of them in 1998, getting a Rolls license has not been easy. It is much easier to get a Bentley license than Rolls. The only Rolls model I've seen to date was a 1/64 scale pullback on Ebay for $12.00. Judging from what I've seen in the pictures, the quality is too cheap to justify the price.

  30. Lesney started out small with their initial foray into diecast toys, but grew into a very large company. Their main focus was toys – I never heard anything about electrical parts and supplies, but would welcome a source to prove me wrong. At their peak in the mid to later 1960s, they were shipping millions of Matchbox cars – shipping containers full of the stuff – to the USA. The downfall of Lesney was Hotwheels.

  31. Any time there is an additional step in manufacturing, in this case adding a sticker, there will be additional costs, whether more employees putting them on by hand or new machinery to do it.

  32. Any time there is an additional step in manufacturing, in this case adding a sticker, there will be additional costs, whether more employees putting them on by hand or new machinery to do it.

  33. HTI's cheapo sub Mattel range which are usually sold under the Teamsterz brand includes a few Mercedes-Benz models and they have never had the hologram stickers on their packaging and that also includes Siku and an obscure Chinese toy company called Top Mark who make official Merc castings. Why is it they don't need to put these holograms on their packaging?

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