Lamley Unboxing: Opening a Feb 20th Kmart Exclusive F Case…

We have done a handful of previews for the upcoming Hot Wheels Kmart event, and here is one more.

I ordered an exclusive Kmart 36-count case over the weekend, and it arrived today.  The case contains the exclusives and the G-case first-to-market models, but it is primarily full of F Case models.  The question was whether or not the F case models that most of you are after are in the case, and I answer that below.

Don’t forget that buying a case at does qualify you for the Blown Delivery mail-in, you just need to make sure you send in the receipt, 20 cardbacks, and shipping and handling.  All the details are over at the HWC website.

Enjoy the video and be sure to subscribe to the Lamley YouTube Channel:

7 Replies to “Lamley Unboxing: Opening a Feb 20th Kmart Exclusive F Case…”

  1. The double castings has happened before. In here, it was the VW Squareback in green (from before) and white (Kmart only). It happened last year with the '69 Chevelle, with the white from E mix and the blue Kmart-only color.

  2. Great Event at a smaller store in Wisconsin.

    3 Master Cases, 22 people and two families.

    One known Super found but for me getting the DB 10's (knowing that only 10 were made for real and one just sold for 3.5 Million at auction is very cool.

  3. Well, went smoothly at mine. 28 total cases and 24 people in attendance so 4 people (including myself) were lucky enough to be able to open a second case. 2 supers found, not by me, but fortunately both went to good guys and genuine collectors. Weirdest thing was that zero regular hunts were found. None! Also, no Leap Year Chevelles found either. All in all a good K-day!

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