Reorganizing the Lamley Wall Displays: Hot Wheels and Matchbox are back…

You may have noticed that new content here on the Lamley Blog has been a little more sparse than normal.  Flu season had a lot to do with it.

A couple of weeks ago, after preparing a feature on the brand new Matchbox Mazda MX-5, a light cough all of sudden turned into a full-fledged fever, which turned into chills, etc etc etc.  I will spare you the details.  Thankfully I had some content waiting in the wings, but most of my time for the next few days was spent in bed.

Couple that with some already-planned time-off to organize my office, and I was definitely out of the loop.  After recovering, most of my energy went to getting squared away at work.  The blog had to take a back seat.

Thankfully, things are returning to normal (kind of, as my travel schedule now goes into high gear), and I have a lot to cover.  I have two case openings coming, some Hot Wheels RLC previews, and some standard Lamley features.  It will be nice to get to it.

While I was off, one of the projects high on my list was reorganizing my Carney wall displays.  Since I moved to a new house, the majority of my three 108-count displays was dedicated to Tomica Limited Vintage.  I figured it would take awhile before I had too many TLV’s for the displays, but it happened quicker than I thought.  Late last year I passed 324 TLV’s, and no longer had room for them all.  I figured it was time to put some in storage, and give the Mattel brands to shine for awhile.

So I condensed the TLV display from three cases to one, and it was near impossible to figure out what models to keep up, and I finally figured it out:

I kept all of my police models up, as well as all of the Super Silhouettes, Porsche 911/912s, and Nissan GT-Rs.  After that it is an array of old, new, Japanese, German, and Italian.  Of course new TLV comes every month, so this display might be in a constant state of change.  Thankfully TLVs are easy to store in their boxes, so switching in and out won’t be a big deal.

The other two displays went Matchbox heavy.  My MAJOR Matchbox kick continues, and there are a ton of models I have wanted to display.  So for now, I decided to put up my favorite Matchbox models, and leave a little room for Hot Wheels.

Of course it would have been very easy to fill all 216 slots with Matchbox, so I tried to be selective.  I didn’t do too well, as I only left 27 spots for Hot Wheels.  That can change anytime, as switching models is super easy the way I collect.

I consider my main collection to be the loose Matchbox and Hot Wheels I keep in my closet, stored in Creative Options 48-count cases.  With very few exceptions, I DLM (open) everything, so models take up less space.  I also am incredibly selective in what I collect, in order to keep the collection small.  That doesn’t mean I have a lot of carded models stored away, but my goal is eventually get rid of all of those.  I just want the loose Mattel collection, the TLV collection, with a few Greenlight/Auto World/Kyosho models mixed in.  Being a collector, as well as insanely anti-clutter, makes things tough.

The first display is anchored by all of the Routemaster London Buses.  I have always wanted to display them, and am thrilled to see them up.  This is every example made, outside of the Ambassador Buses.  I have one from my year serving, but it is one of the few models that will stay in its case.

The rest in this display is an array of Matchbox models from the collection.  The row below the buses is my Matchbox prepro collection, acquired from various sources, mainly Mattel.  After that, since I keep my collection alphabetized by carmaker, is a mix of A through J.

There are some fantastic models mixed in:

The second display is almost all Matchbox, and once again full of gems:

The rest is a mix of Real Rider and Comold Hot Wheels:

I will put a little more focus on the Hot Wheels later, but for now, it is nice to have a little more Mattel representation on the wall…

44 Replies to “Reorganizing the Lamley Wall Displays: Hot Wheels and Matchbox are back…”

  1. Very nice John. I received a x120 display in the same style from a European guy making them, only for my starting collection of TLV. They display so well.
    Do you go out of space for reorganizing your displays ? you could have bought 3 others displays to keep TLV, and go Mattel + Kyoshos and others … ?

  2. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. That Matchbox racing 'Stang (blue #9)…wowzers. Was that a mainline, or something special? And when from?

    And which set was that Blue HW Cougar race car from?

  3. Ok anyone looking for info on the displays it was in the labels tag just before comments. Google Carney Plastics,there are many distributors but best price is direct from Carney Plastics.

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