The Hot Wheels Blown Delivery: The BEST reason to participate at Kmart Collector Days this Saturday…

Yes, it could have been the E Case.

As nice as the Kmart exclusives can be, we all know that a large percentage of collectors attend Kdays to get a chance at a Super Treasure Hunt.  There is of course that occasional must-have exclusive like the 510 Wagon that if you don’t get at the event, chances are you won’t get one at all.  But in most cases you can get the exclusives if you visit your nearby Kmart within a few days of the event.

But the Super?  You’ve got to me there, and you’ve got to be a little lucky.  Collectors like Kdays because the playing field is even.  The chances of you getting a case are as good as anyone else getting a case.  No need to pallet-raid, or door-warm, or whatever else.

In case you care, my history with Kmart Supers is pretty slim.  I actually found one the first time I ever went to Kdays.  That was so long ago, they weren’t even Supers.  They were Treasure Hunts, and they had the Real Riders.  It was 2005, and I pulled the Morris Cooper TH out of my case.  Since then?  Nothing.  Well, nothing except for the Super 510 Wagon I pulled from a case I ordered online, so I guess that counts, but still a little different.

So yes, many are there for the Super.  And the Super for Kdays this Saturday?  Its the F Case Super, the Bad Mudder II.  Some of you might be really excited about it, but my guess is most of you are not.  It will still be cool to find one, but if it were the E case, with the Porsche 993, methinks a few more of you would be a tad more excited.  Oh well.

That isn’t what this post is about.  This post is actually to let you know, that at least in my opinion, the Super doesn’t even matter.  This Kdays is offering an exclusive that every collector should have.  It is a model that doesn’t pop up too often, especially since it has never been offered on a retail peg.  That model is the Blown Delivery, and it is the mail-in for this Kday event.  So get your 20 models, or buy your case, because that is the only way you can get one.

Typically the models reserved for mail-ins are “mail-in worthy”.  You have to be enticed to buy 20 models and open them, so it has to be a model that is worth getting.  That is why the models offered are typically high premium castings, like the Drag Bus, or Dairy Delivery, or ’55 Panel.  But of all the premium models, the Blown Delivery is king.  A Phil Riehlman design, we have only seen it used at conventions or special events, in the RLC, and one other time as a mail-in.  This is special.

For some of you, your first inclination might be to assume that style of vehicle doesn’t interest you.  Who cares about a delivery truck, especially one rodded out like this one, from an era no one your age cares about.  It is definitely not JDM, or muscle, or a supercar, or classic Euro, or whatever.  It doesn’t matter.  This model transcends.

While I don’t know for sure, the Blown Delivery looks to be loosely based on an early 30’s Chevy Model CB Delivery Truck:

You know how many models I have in my collection that are replicas of vehicles from this era?  Zero.  Except for the Blown Delivery.  I have four Blown Deliveries, and I wish I had more.  The model is a definitive must-have, and trust me when I say all of you need one.  You won’t regret it.

These are the four I have.  There are several releases I don’t have, including the first Redline Club Edition, and the Dream Halloween release that are both collector faves.  But I am very happy with my four, which includes the upcoming Kmart mail-in that was sent to me to be previewed for all of you.

For now, disregard that style of the casting.  Focus on the size.  It is huge.  It is heavy.  It is incredibly detailed.  And no matter what version you look at, it is always given the ultimate premium treatment. Beautiful wheels, mirror-like paint, appropriate styling.  Just look at these:

I hope you can see why I think this upcoming event is a significant one.  This is your chance at the Blown Delivery.  Don’t…uh…blow it.  The BD is a must.

And don’t forget, you need to purchase 20 models to qualify.  That means either at the event, or by buying a case online.  It all works.  Now go get your 20…

6 Replies to “The Hot Wheels Blown Delivery: The BEST reason to participate at Kmart Collector Days this Saturday…”

  1. Yeah, not my thing either, I'm more of a car guy. That's the same reason I'm trying to unload my RLC Drag Dairy (besides the quality issues). But yeah, I can respect the BD cause it's classic.

  2. This is really not my thing myself, but it looks kinda cool and it probably looks way better in hand.
    I'm just curious though… I wonder how much they'll sell this particular version for on Ebay?
    I noticed, except the Halloween model, they generally go for about $35 -$40. The Halloween casting is waaay up there!
    There's a nice lot on Ebay now, which includes the Halloween delivery, for a hefty sum:

  3. To me this wouldn't sell even if I was a standard model due to the fact it's a generic based of a real life model
    That and its ugly as hell
    Hotwheels need to just stop making new generics
    I reckon the public need a bigger say regarding what Hotwheels because at the end of the day they make them for us

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