February 20th Kmart Cases go on sale 2/14, and there is a lot worth getting…

(UPDATE: Feb 20th Kmart Cases are available now, at this link.  Free shipping too…)

Get ready for the gap.

We get three Hot Wheels Kmart Collector Days each year.  One in September, another in November, and the last in February.  Of course February is technically the first, but it seems more logical as the last.  The three are bunched together, and then we go through a long spell until they start back up again in September.  Kind of like football season.  We are spoiled through the fall and most of winter, only to see it abruptly end in the first week of February after the Super Bowl.  Then the wait begins.

Well consider this the week leading up to the Super Bowl.  You can look forward to what might happen at Kdays, and then you will show up, see the same old faces, complain about the same guy who brings all the kids, open that case, pick out your five, and finish up with that desperate search for anything interesting in the leftovers, and then it will be over.  And the gap starts.  September is a long ways off.

But we are still here.  And there is a lot to look forward to.  And the festivities for some of you will start this Sunday.  For those of you who don’t have a Kmart nearby, or who don’t enjoy going to the event, or who just want to guarantee the joy of opening a case, you can buy one at Kmart.com starting 2/14.

And it should be a good case.  Batch F is what the cases will contain, which means a shot at the new Acura Integra and Aston Martin DB10, and maybe the new color of the Ford Escort.  Of course if you are only focused on the Super, the Bad Mudder II might not get your goat, but other than that this is a cool case.

But Batch F will eventually arrive at your local stores, so lets focus on the models that will only be available in the cases.  Mattel has granted us a preview of the four exclusives, as well as the mail-in, and they are totally worth buying a case or attending the event:



Not a bad crop.  The VW looks great in white, and I am particularly happy with a Then & Now duo getting the Kmart treatment.  Instead of making one a Kmart car, and the other a TRU exclusive, for example, you can get both together at the event.  Good thinking.  And both Challengers look great in green:

As nice as these are, the prime reason to go this time?  The mail-in:

The Blown Delivery is less just another Hot Wheels model, and more an event.  Of the strictly-premium castings, this one is king.  A model like the BD shouldn’t fit with what I collect, but I absolutely adore it.  And I know I am not alone.  The BD is a star, and is a must-have for sure.

It will get a full preview next week, but know that to me, the BD makes this Kmart event a do-not-miss.  And as it was last Kdays, buying a case counts towards the mail-in.  Just save your receipt, and make sure you have 20 cardbacks.

So, who is going?

18 Replies to “February 20th Kmart Cases go on sale 2/14, and there is a lot worth getting…”

  1. I avoid K-Days. Too much of a circus.
    I am dissapointed that I will never get my hands on a BD. Ive a mortgage and a car payment. Not to mention two kids who take a large percentage of my paycheck. The last strictly premium casting I bought was the 59 Cadillac Woodie Airstream trailer combo. I paid $34 for it. I love it. But never again will pay big dollars for something that should cost no more than $5. 20 mail ins and the cost for furst shot at a case makes the value of the BD near $50 in some parts. Gett8ng the right cards for the mail in gives me castings I probably wouldnt buy in the first place.

    No thank you.

  2. Planning to hit one of the Kmarts in Manhattan. My kid and I went to our first KDay last November, at Astor Place–it was odd: we showed up late (very, 10ish) to find a few employees standing around 15 or so open cases and a few piles of cars and there was very little missing aside from the Hornets. In addition to other castings, we took home 8 510 wagons, 4 corvette treasure hunts (personal hoarding) and left scores behind. Noone wanted them. Probably get whatever we want this time around too. NY is a strange place to collect btw–most luck I've ever had is Walgreens near our place in Brooklyn; no Walmarts and the Targets/TRU's are shredded…

  3. Mail in rules say card backs from 2015 to current… anyone know if this is accurate? Usually they allow from a few years previous to current as long as the series (L2593, etc) is correct.

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