February Matchbox Ambassador Report: Time to submit your questions to the Matchbox Design Team..

Dirk Schleuer has just released his February Ambassador Report, which highlights all the sneaks Matchbox has shown in the past month, along with what has been released, as well as reader requests for future castings.  You can find the whole report here:

Dirk Schleuer’s February Matchbox Ambassador Report

As we have said before, things have changed with the Matchbox Team now releasing sneaks themselves on their Instagram Account.  They will even answer questions.  Even if they don’t, changes to models like wheels on the MX-5 and window line on the Skyline prove they do pay attention.

But Dirk, along with The Lamley Group, want to give you a way to ask questions.  The Matchbox Team has agreed to sit down every few weeks with a series of questions and answer them to the best of their ability.  That includes reps from the design, marketing, and production teams.

So consider this post a request for questions.  The best way is to post them here in the comments section, or email them to Dirk at dirk.schleuer@gmail.com.  Submit them by February 15th, Dirk will compile them and submit the most answerable questions, and the team will have the answered in time for the next report.

PLEASE NOTE: There are a lot of questions the team can’t answer.  They won’t reveal upcoming models for 2017 or beyond, and there are plenty of other details about upcoming models that cannot be shared until things are finalized, so don’t be disappointed if your question falls in that category.  Also, questions like “Will you make a (Insert random car your dad drove) in the future?” will get the same answer every time: “Don’t know.”

Other than that, this Matchbox Team loves to share with collectors, and loves the passion and participation.  They listen.  And now here your chance for them to answer your questions…


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  1. What is the process/criteria for picking and choosing what new models get introduced to the Matchbox line? Is it about how easy it is to get the licensing/permission from an automaker to make their model or how complicated making and mass producing a model is? Is it possible to make models from automakers that are extremely exclusive or even non-existent anymore? (Rolls Royce, Saab, Hummer, etc)

  2. One request and one request only: DISTRIBUTION!!!!!.

    It doesn't matter how great the offerings are if we can't buy them! MBX and HW are part of the same company,so why is it that I can find HW everywhere and MBX rarely?

  3. As I'm aware that Mattel can't put out any Ferrari castings as either Hot Wheels or Matchbox for the time being*, I've been more focused on collecting Lamborghini as of late.

    The Miura is a great casting and I liked the LM-002**, so are we going to see any more classic Lamborghini castings from Matchbox? Even just the 350GT would be wonderful, but I kind of like the quirkiness of the Espada. (Pre-Mattel Matchbox castings that may have existed of these cars don't count.)

    *That would be no new Ferrari releases unless Mattel exploits the 1/64 scale “kit” loophole just like Kyosho recently did coughcough… or works out some kind of Ferrari sublicensing deal with May Cheong, which I suppose is also a possibility, however unlikely that may be.

    **Just the basic LM-002 since I live in Canada (Ottawa) and haven't seen any Matchbox special editions in regular stores since the 60th Anniversary series 3 years ago (although, weirdly, 4 of the Supreme Heroes vehicles have recently been showing up at Dollarama stores; overstock from Kroger supermarkets, perhaps?). I'm really, really hoping “Best of the World” shows up at Walmart or Toys R' Us stores in Canada.

  4. I have plenty of questions
    Why can't matchbox just make licensed vehicles and stop with the generics because they always remain on the shelves
    How about doing a police or fire 10 pack? (With the suburban Tahoe impale crown Victoria 06 charger magnum as potential police or fire vehicles)
    Why did matchbox remove the removable light bar (It meant people could customisepolice cars into under cover cars for their collection)
    Why doesn't Matxhbox listen to the public when they make a fuss and request something be added changed or removed

  5. A “both brand” question, but I think more applicable to Matchbox than Hot Wheels since Matchbox is generally seen as the more “realistic” brand: is there any hope that the price point of a basic Matchbox car could be raised to at least $2 U.S. so that some basic features that were affordable just a few years ago like the occasional opening hood or hatch, separate cab and body on trucks and ambulances, a few extra passes for tampos, the occasional “full metal” (body and chassis) car, and a separate light bar for police cars could return on “basic” cars, or does Walmart (and other major retail chains, but especially Walmart) pretty much dictate that the price point for basic Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars should be sub-$1.50 for all eternity?

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I'd happily pay up to $3 Canadian for basic cars that are even just the same quality as what Mattel was able to put out as basic Matchbox (and Hot Wheels) at the $1-$1.50 US price point circa 2000.

    Completely unrelated question: the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser is one of my top “modern” Matchbox castings. Another iconic 1970s America station wagon that I don't think has ever been done by Mattel as either a Matchbox (not sure about pre-Mattel) or a Hot Wheels is the one-time ubiquitous mid-1970s Ford LTD Station Wagon (as in the 6th generation Country Squire, 1969-1978). Any chances of seeing an LTD wagon in the future from either brand?

  6. I stopped collecting matchbox a few years back due to the advancing cheapness of the models. Too much plastic, chrome interiors, plastic bases, generics, no working features and other poor quality issues. I would gladly pay 2-3 dollars to get these things fixed. The one-dollar price point has been around way to long.

  7. Is there any chance you can go back to the old style lightbar on emergency vehicles? The new design really is tacky and takes away from overall design! Also can we please get a newer Tahoe Police design. The Tahoe was one of the best police vehicles ever made in my opinion. HWs version didn't even come close to doing it justice and MBX has always been the leader in emergency and police vehicles. Thanks for your time!

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