Diecast goes Art Deco: The Greenlight GM Futurliner…

It is a very rare occasion for Lamley to go back to the 1940’s.  Probably because it is a very rare occasion for any of the diecast companies we cover to go back to the 1940’s.

But Greenlight just did, and it is spectacular.  Not just any car, but the GM Futurliner, in all its art deco glory.  It isn’t a bus, but essentially a display created for the Parade of Progress, a way for GM to promote future technologies.  And oh how cool it would have been if we went all art deco in the future.

There has to be a few reasons that Greenlight did the Futurliner.  It is a significant vehicle, to be sure. It is also straight-up stunning.  It also garnered a load of money at a Barrett Jackson auction a few years ago.  But let’s just run with how amazing the model is.

It’s heavy.  It’s detailed.  It is a step above most other Greenlights.  Greenlight has been known to be a little inconsistent quality-wise, but this model is flawless.  And honestly my photos do it no justice.

Greenlight continues to step up its game with casting choices, special lines like Hitch & Tow, and now special models like this one and the Fleetwood Bounder RV’s.  For someone like me who loves 1:64 like Tomica Limited Vintage, it is great to see…

(UPDATE: I talked to Wheel Collectors this morning, and they informed me that they are completely sold out, as is Greenlight entirely.  No idea if this is a limited run, but here is what is left on ebay.  It is worth it.)

(Find Greenlight at Wheel Collectors)

8 Replies to “Diecast goes Art Deco: The Greenlight GM Futurliner…”

  1. This is perhaps the most unique model created. Whether or not it was done as a toy in the past notwithstanding, this will be the most noteable because of the recent auction. Less than 30 examples of the original Futurliner were built. Many have been lost to time, what are left are in various stages of disrepair. We are lucky to have the few prime examples as historical notes of our heritage.
    The Parade of Progress with these Futureliners actually led to their own demise. They didnt just show GM designs. They showed the progress we could expect from American technology. Things like Microwave Ovens, Jet engines and clothes dryers.
    And Television.
    Within a short few years, TV made the Parade of Progress obsolete. No longer did people need to wait for the Futurliner to appear near their town. New technology was always on display directly from New York, Detroit, and Los Angeles right in the comfort of your living room.

    Too bad these have sold out. It would make a nice addition to display on my entertainment stand…in front of my LED Flat Screen TV.91st

  2. I completely agree that Greenlight is stepping up their game. You mention quality issues, and I've noticed they have been proactive in address these, making changes to castings, packaging, and even using a different factory. They also have marketing and sales down cold, which the other premium American brands need to take lessons from.

    As for the Futurliner, man is this such a cool model! For what it's worth, I have the Norev version as well as the Greenlight, and while they are the same casting, the Greenlight actually has better paint quality and better fitted detail parts (headlights, trim, etc).

  3. Well, guess you've spurred me into dropping $30 at the drop of a hat. Love Futurliners, and got to sit in the cab of one at a car show several years ago. Suppose $30 is cheaper than the $200 that TSM's 1:43 example (with opening doors!) commands, so…

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