The Great Castings: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Nissan Safari…

(Find the TLV Nissan Safari now at Japan Booster…)

I have been meaning to showcase this model for awhile.  Why it has taken some time, I have no explanation.  Actually, it is because as much as I like to write, I know that when I start on Tomica Limited Vintage, it is hard to stop.

The models are just in another stratosphere, and if it is possible, they are getting even better.  I have been going through my TLV collection lately, and I am able to tell the earlier models from the later.  Just look at the Nissan GT-R’s they have released, the Alfa Romeos (feature coming soon), BMW’s, Japan Skylines, and on and on.  These models are more detailed than ever, and the latest off-road offering from TLV is no better an example.

The Nissan Safari is Nissan’s answer to the Toyota Land Cruiser.  Bare bones, tough as nails, and totally inexperienced at hauling youth soccer teams.  And with all TLVs, this example is beautifully done stock, with steelies and the like:

Well, I should say, the first two were done stock.  The third version is ANYTHING but.  The third is part of the ongoing Seibu Keisatsu series, which replicates vehicles from the Japanese cop show known for blowing up just about every car on the screen.  This version solidifies the Safari’s reputation as a tough vehicle, because it is pulling this:

That’s a water tank, that in the show had a water gun so powerful it could take out cars.  Awesome, eh?  Tough water tanks have to be pulled by tough trucks, so:

I love that TLV goes stock on almost everything they do.  True to scale, color, interior, wheels, all.  I also love that when they don’t go stock, they do something as fun as the police tank.  No one is better in 1:64…

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  1. Well said.

    I also can't agree with the quality of the Safari. Rather than TLV standard, in my personal opinion, the detailing looks closer to a nicer Johnny Lightning. I would agree that castings like Nissan GT-R do make TLV the brand to beat.

  2. Meanwhile…

    The TLV-N regular line will finally get the ER34 Skyline for the July releases, in the guise of a Saitama Police Highway Patrol unit and an unmarked unit, in addition to the Abunai Deka line's ER34 unmarked unit.

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