The Zamacs are back: My favorite Hot Wheels store exclusives return for 2016…

Well we knew they were coming, but it is nice to have them in hand.

Hot Wheels E Cases are hitting, and with them, at least at Walmart, come the Zamacs.  This is, what, Year 4?  All I can say is I hope it isn’t the last.

Zamacs are so much better than exclusive colors.  Of course I will grab the exclusive colors of the models I want, at Kmart for example, but the Zamacs are totally unique.  It is really the only series I have where I am a completist, no matter what models are released.

Thankfully I haven’t had to worry too much about bad models in the series.  There have been some duds, but they are few and far between.  And 2016 so far is no exception.  The first three are great.

Some models were meant to be Zamacs, and the Firebird is one of them.  The Corvette didn’t really catch my attention, but knowing that its “Mild to Wild” counterpart, the Greenwood, will go Zamac in Batch G, I am totally behind it.

Then there is Heralda’s Fiesta.  Brilliant.  We have learned that Micahel Heralda had a lot up his sleeve before he retired, and it all as to do with this remake of his first design at Mattel, on the Escort Rally.  The Hot Wheels Fiesta has it, the Matchbox Quicksander has it, and you have that power too.  Oops, got all Star Wars.  Sorry.

Anyway, those two are sporting the deco, and now Matchbox has unveiled a third, the Dodge A100:

I have no idea if more are coming, but if not this is a great trio.  And going cold steel as a Zamac is a great idea.

Anyway, happy to have these beauties back.  We have 15 more coming.  Can’t wait to see what they are…

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  1. I love these, I just hate my Walmart. They leave all the peg warmers on the pegs and mix all the new stuff in a 4 foot deep bin. Those bins will be the death of me. 🙁

  2. Hello! I read your blog since 2013 and would like to thank and congratulate you for all the news, all the beautiful photos, the expressive and witty comments etc. By the way , the first two pics are so beautiful in this post! “The force is strong” in these zamacs and you seem to have captured their light very well, from blue to green, to red… And I like it when the blog entries are more creative: the post on the Road Trippin' Hakosuka, for me, is unforgettable. Greetings from Brazil, “Lamely Yüjin” ! Thank you!

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