Just Unveiled: 2016 Hot Wheels ’14 Honda Odyssey card art…

There are a lot of models I am looking forward to in 2016, but none I am more curious about than the Hot Wheels 2014 Honda Odyssey.

Well, Hot Wheels has answered part of the question by unveiling the card art on the Hotwheels.com website:

We figured the car would come in some sort of racing form, and there is the evidence.  It is a signature Japanese color in white with red and blue racing stripes, and if you need proof that this is Jun Imai’s design, just look over the Yokohama logo, and you will see the Kaido House logo.

The question still remains, how will the casting look?  I am assuming a little lowered, but the artwork usually stays true to the model, so it looks like we won’t be seeing any crazy exhausts or other exaggerated parts like we have seen on other vans.  This looks really good.

Count me as very excited…

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  1. to be honest when i heard that hot wheels was doing the odyssey, i was like why? That is the stupidest thing every. I wouldnt care to instult any jdm hot wheels fan when saying why bother with this car? This should be a matchbox car that no one should care about. But now that i see the decal design that they did on it, i gotta say it does look interesting. Its monents like these that i like hot wheels cause they throw iut there some unexpected twist and they are usually good. Now to wait for the people to hate this car for not looking realistic 😛 lame

  2. Looks interesting…Wasn't the last standard hot wheels minivan the Dodge Caravan in about 1998? Seems to be a bit of a Honda/Acura theme developing this year…looking forwards to the '01 Integra and '85 CR-X…

  3. I might want to purchase the HW brand Honda Odyssey as well and btw my family owns a 2014 Honda Odyssey so perhaps all the better to purchase the Hot Wheels brand 2014 Honda Odyssey whenever it should be released.Sooner it's released the better I or we suppose.

  4. Mega Gun, good thing HW's is trying to please the masses and not you. The response for this casting has been hugely positive online so keep the negative junk to yourself here. Plus it's still 100x better than all of the fantasy garbage they do make monthly. Don't like it? Don't buy it.

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