Lamley Unboxing: Matchbox 2016 Power Grabs Batch A…

I came across Matchbox Power Grabs Batch A at Toys R Us, and below is a closeup look.  There are some things I love, and some things that can definitely be improved.  Let me know what you think as well.

The big question?  Should Matchbox move to these entirely?  I say no, but it is an intriguing thought. You could make the boxes openable to see the model, but the threat of theft is just too great.

Nonetheless, it is awesome to see Matchbox back in boxes.  That is its heritage.  Too bad there isn’t a nice person behind a glass counter anymore at your local store who can show you each model and help you choose.  A little different than digging through a dump bin eh?

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9 Replies to “Lamley Unboxing: Matchbox 2016 Power Grabs Batch A…”

  1. Just picked up the Jag today at TRU myself, along with the S.W.A.T. truck. The police armored unit is actually pretty nice, must admit, because of the grey tone and black chrome wheels. Still can't beat the 2013 black and white version!

    The Jag looks a little 'different' with the panoramic roof. It would look a little better IMO if it was tinted a tad darker.. bit that's a matter of taste I suppose. Sure would have love to have the E Type coupe in black just as well next to it.

  2. Wouldn't it just drive collectors nuts if there were variations randomly placed in a bunch of these sealed Power Grab boxes????? Thanks for the video John. I very much enjoy watching this!!!

  3. Discovered some of those Power Grabs boxes this weekend! Posted a video, too 😉 Really like them, and the young guys at the TRU counter commented that they should just go that route full time…

  4. The Jag is a great piece until you see the steering wheel. Good thing it will be for display so I don't have to see interior every day. If the roof wasn't see-through it could hide that awful thing.

  5. I have a MBX New 75 series Alfa Carabo in it's box. Has 1970 made in England, Lesney Products stamped on it's base. It's be no means the most pricey piece but it was my favourite back when I was five and up there with my favourite at age 51.
    I started collecting when my nephew was born in 2011 and my collection will go to him one day. He may well look back and have his favourite, DB9 or the like, when he's 50.
    I agree put then in little boxes makes them a bit special.

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