The Hot Wheels Walmart exclusive Pickup Truck Series is a must, and not just because of the Datsun…

Find the HW Walmart Truck Series on eBay…

I love that these special Walmart sets are becoming a regular thing.  Whoever came up with the idea gets a prize, because they have added so much variety to the Hot Wheels basic offerings.

Sometimes they are pure collector-aimed, like this Truck series, as well as the upcoming BMW and already-released Porsche Series, and other times kid-aimed, like the Tom & Jerry sets.  Sometimes they are home runs, again like the Truck set, and other times they are strikeouts, like the Camouflage Series.

But the idea is fantastic, and the number of models I am adding to the collection from these series continues to grow.

Of all the sets so far, this Truck Series might be the best.  The model selection is wonderfully varied, as are the decos.  There is only one model that doesn’t seem to fit, and we get into that on the video below.

Of course the Datsun 620 is getting a lot of the attention, which isn’t a surprise, but don’t ignore the others.  As great as the Datsun is, for me it isn’t even the best model in the set.

I get into that, along with a look at all the models on the latest Lamley YouTube video.  Have a look and enjoy.  Pics coming soon…

(Find the HW Walmart Truck Series on eBay…)

9 Replies to “The Hot Wheels Walmart exclusive Pickup Truck Series is a must, and not just because of the Datsun…”

  1. Just to note, the '79 Ford F-150, the bed cap on it is not new. It was used on all 3 mainline releases (2000 Attack Pack series, and standard mainlines in 2002 and 2003), and the Harley Davidson 5 pack from 2001. I think it was just kind of a quick design because they couldn't use the bed filler piece used on the Sam Walton trucks.

  2. I'd buy that Datsun 620 and a couple of other ones in that series if I saw them at Walmart but it's nothing I'd pay secondary market prices for, not without a diecast metal chassis.

    My favourite Walmart-exclusive series (of those that actually made it to Canadian Walmart stores) is Road Trippin', since roughly a third of those cars actually are “full diecast” (metal/metal, body and chassis) and the '57 Buick wagon actually had… gasp… an opening hood! I think the last mainline to get an opening hood was the '67 Camaro in 2013. The Road Trippin' series is like what Hot Wheels mainline cars were like a decade or so ago, still majority plastic chassis but with enough full diecast cars thrown into the mix to appease “collectors”.

  3. Really wish certain computers didn't block your videos from playing. I like reading the reviews.

    I was able to pick up a full set of the Truck series as well as some extra 620s for trade bait and customs and 79 f150s for custom monster trucks. Hot wheels did well with this series. I feel the yellow Dodge Ram in the mainline could have been in this series over the Bronco, especially since there is already another Bronco in the mainline.

  4. I wish Mattel would manufacturer the hell out of castings like 620 pickups, Bluebirds, etc. to counter scalpers & hoarders. I'm not judging, just would be nice to pay less than close to $10 for one(after shipping). 😉

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