Hot Wheels keeps it coming with more new model announcements for 2016…

We’ve learned of Honda Odysseys and Mazda Miatas, but Hot Wheels still has other surprises up their sleeve for 2016.

The 2016 lineup of the Hot Wheels Entertainment (formerly Retro Entertainment) line was announced, and there is a lot to be excited about, especially the two new models.

Amid a myriad of new diecast chassis and some modified basics in the Entertainment line, and a new Batcar from the upcoming movie, Hot Wheels will include these two new models:

Alfa Romeo GT Junior

Nissan 2020 Vision Concept

These two couldn’t be more opposite, but they do share my curiosity about what they will look like.  Both are part of video game-themed batches – Gran Turismo for the Nissan and Forza for the Alfa – so expect cars ready for racing.  Of course the Nissan was developed for Gran Turismo already so expect the Hot Wheels version to look mostly like the photo above.

The Alfa could be stock like the photo, or more likely sport a racing kit with racing livery.  Either way it is bound to be a looker, especially since it is debuting in a premium line.

We have seen Tomica Limited Vintage debut an Alfa and Vision 2020 in the last couple of months, plus Matchbox has the beloved Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint that met its red-and-white demise way too early, so this Hot Wheels will be a nice addition to the group.

All in all, this is a good list of models.  Some have expressed disappointment in the repeats, and I get it, but if I were Hot Wheels I would want to get the most out of the licenses as well.  It also allows some who missed out the first time to get one of these, and at least there are slight variations for those that care about that.  Plus, two models debuting the basic range, the 2017 Ford GT and Aston Martin DB10, get the premium treatment early.

Of course we could make a list 10 pages long of the entertainment-related cars we would love to see replicated in this line, and we would all have opinions.  I like the list, but the only omission I am surprised to see is the Ford Escort RS1600 from Fast & Furious.  I would have loved to see that on premium gold-rimmed real riders.  Maybe later.

The other significant change, besides diecast chassis for some previously basic models, is the “modified diecast chassis” for the Corvette C7.R.  The basic was a disaster, so my assumption is that the up-sloped will be improved.  Maybe other elements that rendered the Vette too cartoony will be gone as well.

The list:

Mix 1 (March 2016):
’66 Batmobile – Classic Batman Television Series
Aston Martin DB5 – Skyfall
Ecto-1 – Ghostbusters
The Homer – The Simpsons
Batmobile – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Mix 2 (June 2016):
Aston Martin DB10 (New Casting!) – Spectre
Back to the Future Time Machine – Back to the Future
Batwing (New Casting!) – Batman v Superman
The Mystery Machine –Scooby-Doo/Hanna-Barbera
U.S.S. Enterprise™ NCC-1701 – Star Trek

Mix 3 (September 2016):
Corvette C7-R (Modified Diecast Chassis!) – Gran Turismo
Ford GT – Gran Turismo
Lamborghini Veneno (New Diecast Chassis!) – Gran Turismo
Nissan 2020 Concept Vision GT (New Casting!) – Gran Turismo
Nissan GT-R (New Diecast Chassis!) – Gran Turismo

Mix 4 (November 2016):
’73 Ford Falcon XB – Forza
’17 Ford GT (New Casting!) – Forza
Alfa Romeo GT Junior (New Casting!) – Forza
Camaro ZL-1 (New Diecast Chassis!) – Forza
Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera (New Diecast Chassis!) – Forza

Not bad, eh?  

26 Replies to “Hot Wheels keeps it coming with more new model announcements for 2016…”

  1. Big question now: will those retools trickle down to the Mainline? Because all those retools are making me really, really giddy with excitement.

    But, uh… you know, seeing that Forza set makes me a wee bit sad. The Ferrari 458 Italia was a Forza cover car (Forza 4), and it would be nice if Ferrari held out and waited until the Speciale became a Mainline. If you saw the launch trailer for Forza 6, you know what I'm talking about. Also, meh on selecting the Camaro instead of the McLaren P1, which is Forza 5's cover car.

  2. The McLaren P1 is awesome for a real car, but a bit of a turd when it comes to HW castings. I'd much rather see Classic Trucks Magazine series vs. the video game stuff.

  3. So Mattel halted production of the same Alfa model in the MBX line where it was popular and well liked/bought, only to give to HW??? That's just reeks of Mattel's confidence in Matchbox!!!!

  4. And this is what I raised concerns about in a previous post! Mattel needs to give MBX space to compete or bleeping sell it off to someone the let the brand flourish! Mattel still dose not get the MBX collector at all and continues to disrespect us and the brand. We will do this, this and this but you will not grow bigger than blue! This is ridiculous just let them compete and let Blue compete not just give it to them. I always thought that designing was a creative expression why would they just give Blue designs from MBX? If HW is so good WHY give them MBX designs? Treat them like two different entities! Make each team create their own stuff! MBX is making a move and Mattel is worried MBX will rise above the flagship HWs. Bull imo competition creates creativity and if one team can not keep up it's time to find new guys that can create! There are Millions of cars that have not been done by either brands how about giving us new originals and let each brand keep their own designs? HW dose some great stuff but imo some of the stuff is down right garbage and sits just as much as MBX models do! If your going to keep doing this just combine the two and be done with STOP milking MBX because it is stupid and atleast 85% of collectors resent it!

  5. It is nice to see what models will be coming out and the fact that retro enterainment will still be going. I am disappointed though that they are not really focused on other movies/ shows by doing alot of repeats and having the last two cases focusing on just two video games. Not that there is nothing seriously wrong with that since it seems that they will be bring out some nice models, and they have already broughten out the need for speed cars, so why not fronza and grand turismo. But already im liking the previous years of retro entertianment.

  6. Another Alfa in 1/64 is welcome, but I fear HotWheels will do something to irritate an Alfa owner like myself. It will be a chrome interior, or tacky wheels and graphics…all just to make me angry. I can see it coming, I tell you!

  7. With due respect John, you are clearly entitled to your opinion, however, MBX in 2015 and 2016 has shown that they do care about the collector – look at some of the amazing castings we are getting this year alone, Mazda, Volvo, Jeep x 2, Volkswagen, Chrysler, RAM, and more and more.

    I like the majority hate the generics, but understand the reason why we have them, I hope one day that we have a 75% real 25% generics, or better, but that is a long way off, the new people within the MBX side of Mattel are changing things, but they do not happen over night, you can not suddenly expect all stores to carry MBX, but they have reduced the case count making it easier to have better turnaround.

    It also means that the cars that do very well, like i expect the Range Rover to do, will be more available due to smaller case sizes, thus more cases ordered, HW and matchbox seem to be now heading in different directions, with HW's more race orientated, with the sloped chin (No Clarkson jokes please) and MBX more “car on the street” which is my favourite.

    Personally, if i were in charge, i would increase the cost, have them all diecast, cut the range back to 75 or less, and have all licences, if Majorette can do it, for a £1.00, why can MBX not ?

    I feel that MBX has been given space and time and the funds now to really compete, they must have, look at the vast number of new real cars coming. and rumours are abound that 2017 will be even better than this year.

    Like i said you have you opinion, but i feel that the changes have begun, maybe not all are noticeable now, but once small things are rolling, they will develop into bigger and better changes and a great future for MBX.

    As for selling, NO, smaller independent companies had the chance and failed, it needs a company the size of Mattel, that has the distribution facilities and marketing dept's that MBX need.

  8. Eehhh, rather the P1 than a damn Camaro again (so I can drink the tears of HWC members). They can also explore the possibility of 2-position locking rear wing.

    But you know, I wouldn't mind an Entertainment or Premium line that has a batch of good old stuff (that's new to HW) and another batch of 21st Century machinery. I'd like it, even. Maybe by then Ferrari will rethink and join back with Mattel?

    Wait. Wait wait wait wait wait. Forza and GT have licenses to use Ferrari cars, right? Maybe Mattel can go find a loophole and just slap on a Forza or GT logo on it?

    Long shot, and Ferrari spins a lot, but who knows? Maybe they can get away with it for at most one year?

  9. I'm happy that I'll finally be able to buy some full diecast Lamborghini cars with Real Riders. I have a few full diecast Lamborghini Hot Wheels from the 1980s and 1990s, but I don't have any Lambos with Real Riders in my collection. I don't know why Lamborghini has been missing from premium Hot Wheels lines in recent years but, with Ferrari being gone from Hot Wheels for the time being, I'm glad that some Lambos are finally getting some Entertainment exposure, even if I'm still pining for a Countach in the Entertainment series. (I'm surprised that Mattel still hasn't put out any CANNONBALL RUN cars in Entertainment.)

    I'm fine with some repeats. I have the DeLorean Time Machine from BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II (the regular version, I passed on the Entertainment Hover Mode version first time I saw it & never saw it again) and the BACK TO THE FUTURE PART III version but I never saw the one from the original movie on the pegs back in 2013 (and I have all the other Retro Entertainment cars from that wave, so the DeLorean was obviously the first to sell out).

  10. I can't assure you that Hot Wheels won't give it a chrome interior or tacky wheels, but, assuming the exterior of the car is the same as in FORZA MOTORSPORTS 4, it'll be period-appropriate simple racing tampos as seen in the second link in Pedroso Sport's comment (solid red other than a white band around the front of the car and the number in black in a white circle).

  11. Jon think you may have misunderstood, I totally think the guys at MBX gets the collector it is Mattel that I don't think get us or care! Mattel is not what it used to be and is surely not in this for the toys or the kids. My kids go out with me and they love some of the stuff but could care less about most. They go crazy over the Lambos Porshe and Audi they hate going through the pegs when their full of “what they call the ugly stuff”. I'm getting the same way, I go to the stores and have to dig through more junk to find what I want a if I even can. “MATTEL has lost touch, back when I was growing up it wasn't about fantasy it was about what I seen on the street. Mattel is not doing the work imo it's obvious because if they were they would know what is sitting. I hope this clarifies this a bit more. The Changes at MBX is because of the MBX team Mattel can pull the plug anytime they want and that is what bothers me. They need to let both HW and MBX have creative control of both brands because they have a better grasp of the diecast community!

  12. It's like I posted in a previous thread. MATTEL has lost touch and it's not just in diecast Barbie is also now being out sold by other brands. When a company gets so big and has so many employees. Things tend to get lost in market reports sales reports and out right people not doing their jobs. When there is so much going on people get away with things that normally wouldn't happen if the company was not so big. Kind of like how politicians have no one to answer to til their term is up. I think Mattel needs to put more emphasis on product tracking to see what is going on!

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