Lamley Poll (times two): What is the best pickup in the Hot Wheels Truck Series, and which truck would you put in the place of the Bronco?

If you watched the Lamley YouTube video about the Hot Wheels Truck Series, you saw that I loved everything about it except for one model, the Ford Bronco.  To me, it doesn’t fit, so I showed several existing Hot Wheels pickup truck castings that could have been used in place of the Bronco.

So let’s see what you think.  First, which model is the best in the Truck Series?  I think I know what model will win, but let’s all vote anyway.  It could be interesting.

Next, I am including my list of trucks that could have been the eighth model in the Truck Series in place of the Bronco.  Which of those I listed should be that eighth?  Vote below and let us know…

What model is the best of the Hot Wheels Truck Series?

What Hot Wheels Pickup Truck Casting should have been used in the place of the Ford Bronco?

’83 Chevy Silverado

Subaru BRAT

’49 Ford F1

Studebaker Champ

Custom ’62 Chevy

’67 Chevy C10

Ford F-250

’50’s Chevy Truck

Texas Drive ‘Em

Dodge Macho Power Wagon

’83 Chevy Silverado 4×4

’87 Toyota Truck

Dodge Power Wagon

21 Replies to “Lamley Poll (times two): What is the best pickup in the Hot Wheels Truck Series, and which truck would you put in the place of the Bronco?”

  1. The BRAT's deco when it showed up in the Mainline looks like something I'd have seen in a separate series like this one.

    Also, damn frackers the Datsun is still commandeering the poll. When will it end?

  2. Personally I think the trucks here are over done. I understand the need to get as much mileage out of a casting as possible.
    I like the 79 F150 the best. That casting has been around since 1999. It was originally Sam Waltons truck with his dog in a kenel on the tailgate. Then they added the camper shell just a couple years later. I think a re-color of the original truck sans camper would have been a good choice.
    For a different choice other than the custom Bronco should have been the Power Wagon. Either one, but I like the regular Dodge Power Wagon best. Why? Ive never seen it before this close to Mainline offerings.
    Repaints are cool. But keeping the casting choices fresh is more of a hot choice for me than a simple recolor.

  3. The Subaru Brat is not a truck and has never been one. It has always been a wagon-based 4WD compact utility vehicle. The Bronco is a true truck small utility vehicle (before the tern SUV was even coined!). So I find the inclusion of this souped-up Bronco to be much more appropriate than the Subaru Brat.
    It is all about personal preferences. I like all trucks in this collection, and the good thing is we can make enough noise and demand a future second release of the truck collection, with all new licensed models.

  4. I know in reality, it's been “Final Run”ned, and it's got too much metal to be included in this series, but, if I could replace the Bronco with anything, I'd replace it with the better Bronco, the Bronco 4×4 (Ford Bronco II) casting from 1981.

    I guess “Texas Drive 'Em” is essentially the replacement for the '81 Bronco casting so I probably should have voted for that one although I actually voted for the Silverado 4×4 since I really like the version of it from the 2012 Hot Wheels Racing Off-Road series.

  5. You must not have seen the 1985 Bronco casting that debuted in 2013 Boulevard. THAT would be the replacement for that older Bronco 4 Wheeler casting.

    And that original Bronco casting was a normal Bronco, not a Bronco II. MBX did a Bronco II.

  6. As much as I like the larger 4×4 trucks, I wouldn't want them cheapened with plastic bases. So since the 87 Toyota already has seen plastic bases, I went with that to replace the Bronco.

  7. Which other casting would be more bang for the buck in the long run? '83 Silverado. The other trucks on this list w/ exception to the TDE don't really hold a candle vs this casting when it comes to added value to your collection.
    This Datsun 620 is a nice casting, but it's getting overused in a big hurry.

  8. I always get a kick when the biggest pegwarmer in the bunch gets the most votes for something here on Lamley. The Studebaker is a slug of a casting.
    Almost as bad as the Nissan being the casting of the year. My Meijers here in Kalamazoo still has these things hanging.

  9. Can not vote on this I like them all all though not all are availible. I also don't see the 56 Ford in here. The 60s I believe it's a 60s Bronco is ok but seems a little off to me but I like it. I like the 80s Bronco better like to see it back!

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